questionsdid you know bkindustries went under?


Under where? You made me say underwear.
I imagine he has just re-invented himself as xarous links show.


Well, Brandon's BK Industries may not exist, but he's still out there, trying to raise money for his other planned businesses. He has two on indiegogo at this time: -and-

I'm heartened by the fact that folks are not flocking to fill up his wallet, but I was seriously disappointed by indiegogo's response to my email sending them links showing his many failed businesses which left buyers without money or merchandise:

"Thanks for reaching out. Indiegogo is an open platform where anyone can make a campaign, and we have multiple checks in place to protect our users. We have a top notch Trust & Identity Management team that verifies the legitimacy of campaigns on our site, as well as a proprietary fraud algorithm that alerts us to any suspicious activity."

I'm not gonna be supporting many indiegogo projects in the future.


@xarous: Nice to see the little weasel's face, especially while he's telling the reporter his sad, sad story about all his paracord being back-ordered and how everyone knew there'd be lengthy delays, ad nauseum.

If I recall correctly from a news article, someone investigated him for criminal fraud but concluded he was just a bad businessman and that's unfortunately not against the law. I am inclined to think he's just really good at sounding all sincere and trust-worthy while he's scamming folks.


@magic cave: thanks for sending that out. I forget to follow up on all these bottom feeders like that guy. I wish he was closer to me so I could just drive out and have a little talk with him. What a weasel.


@ecriscit: My pleasure, and I genuinely mean that.