questionsshould i buy a digital picture frame or a 7…


I am not tech savvy. But I do have both a digital picture frame of pretty decent quality and an Asus Transformer tablet. The pictures on both are equally nice. A tablet is probably a better use of the money, but my tablet isn't really meant to be used while plugged in, the plug is right at the bottom of it and you couldn't set it down someplace and have it be like a picture frame while it's plugged in. There's probably a base station that would fix that, but then it would be bulkier than just the tablet. Maybe other tablets have less obtrusive plugs. You could set this one on an easel which would give the plug room and reinforce the picture idea, but the plug would still be there in plain sight.


@moondrake: just curious....does your tablet not have a working sensor to display in any configuration? You should be able to display pictures with the tablet sideways and even upside down. The plug should not need to be down to look at the display correctly.

This is NOT to say use a Transformer as a picture frame!!!!!!


I recommend a digital picture frame.

1) It will look like a framed picture, rather than a cheap tablet.
2) If it gets stolen, you don't have to worry about any information on the tablet.

IMO, the best digital picture frames are the ones that accept external media (like a compact flash card). I prefer the type of digital picture frames where I can just load my desired pictures onto a flash card and then just plug it into the frame.

The worst ones are the type that require you to install special software on your computer just to download pictures to it via USB. One of the first digital picture frames that I purchased (a Kensington Digital Photo Frame) was made for Windows 98/Windows XP. I love and still use that frame, however I haven't added any new pictures to it because I lost the software a long time ago and the laptop that had the software had a hard drive failure. My new PC is Win 7 so I don't know if I could still use it if I found it online somewhere.


@morriea: Yes, but most of my photos are "landscape", so the picture frame needs to be horizontal to display the photos at full size. The tablet could be "upside down", but then the plug would be sticking out the top, which is even more unattractive.

I was also thinking that perhaps the life of a tablet being used like that might be shorter than the life of a digital picture frame, as that's not the intended purpose of a tablet. But I don;t know if that would be the case. I actually only run my digital picture frame when I am having meetings. I have it on the meeting table in my office and the photos make for a good ice breaker, and keep people entertained if I have to step out of the meeting. The "digital picture frame" I use for my own enjoyment is the "My Pictures Slideshow" on all my computers. The one in the living room is especially nice, as it turns my TV into a 65" digital photo frame for parties and get togethers.


Easy answer: If you want him/her to display the photos ...get the Digiframe . the tablet will likely get picked up for playing with or simply picked.


@eepeep: We've actually given the digital frames to family members in the past that use SD cards. I just thought something with wi-fi would make things easier for my husband (because he will never remember to bring an SD card home to add pictures, and he'll be too busy at work to take the SD card out and download them from emails I send).

I keep seeing all these 7" tablets (like the Google Android 7" Color Tablet for $49.99 on Ben's Outlet) and thought it might work for better for our needs.

I don't think anyone would steal it off his desk or anything. It's a close-knit group, and the building they work in is secure from people just walking in from the streets. I can't even get in because I don't have a door code. :-)

I mainly just wondered if the quality would be comparable (or better) than a digital frame. It's true that the frame WOULD look nicer, though, as far as aesthetics. But he'll be happy just being able to show off his family.


@moondrake: That's a good point.

I'll have to make a note of the cord and plug size/location on a tablet if I decide to go that route. I don't want something so bulky that it will make a mess of his desk area, or get in the way of his work either. I'm not sure how much time he actually spends at his desk during the day, but wouldn't want to clutter it up regardless.


@geethatsgr8: It's not so much bulky as inconvenient. It looks like this:

If you are using it as a tablet, it has 6-8 hours of battery life, so you can use it off and on for a full work day or evening in front of the TV without needing to plug it in. But I am assuming that using it as a slide projector and setting it to never sleep would eat the battery a lot faster and it would have to stay plugged in all the time.


@moondrake: We actually both have a touchpad, and I purchased a Xoom a few weeks ago. So we wouldn't use it for anything other than his desk at work (unless he finds some other use for it there, obviously). I don't think it would be so bad, really. He's in a large cubicle, so there should be plenty of outlets, or if he REALLY wanted to, he could plug it straight into the computer and charge it via USB (if it comes with that capability).

He wouldn't have time to play on it at work. If anything, he might use it on his lunch break or something, so definitely not 6 hours worth of use. LOL


Digital frame all the way in this case.


Using a tablet that way will probably greatly shorten its life expectancy. My bf used his Asus for work for 8-10 hours a day, and it burnt out within a year. The frames are meant to be left on and used that way. Ditto on getting one with an external media drive. Then you don't have to worry about running out of space on the internal memory.