questionschallenge: best wine cooler for your money?


Here are some in a variety of sizes and prices.

There are 12 on that page, you have to scroll on the bottom, left to right.

Edit to new link. About half of these in your price range are not rated. You can sort by price.


@faughtey: The link didn't work. Complained that I had to select items to compare. :|

edit: Oh boy. Dug around on the site, the only 5-star rated coolers all cost $2K+!

Anyone have firsthand experience with vinotemp as a brand? Best Buy has a sold-out (online) model that looks well reviewed, at least by the six reviewers, and fits my price range. I just don't recognize the brand.

On that haystack site, the only one I found under $300 with a good review was this one:
Avanti EWC18DZ
Again, anyone with experience? I don't mind a little noise, the house I'm in now is quite noisy as it is, my only real concerns are A) it reliably protects the wine, and B) it doesn't break the bank.


@apfrehm: You are making this REALLY hard. Personally, I'd go for something that holds twelve, and be happy. I have two Emersons, and they don't rate well at all. On the other hand, I've been very happy with them, and haven't had a bit of trouble in the three or four years I've had them. I had an eight bottle one for a while, too, but sold it (it took up more space than the twelve bottle coolers).

Same as the ones I have. Please note that I paid no where near your limit (but it was three or four years ago).

Target still carries the 8 bottle (and you could buy TWO for that price (currently $79.99), giving you 16 bottles of total storage). I'm very picky on wine, but I buy it to drink, so having 24 bottles for storage turns out to be just right for me.

Temps reach 110+ in the summer here, and average in the high nineties or more during July and August.


@apfrehm: Ran out of characters. The best thing about the Emersons is that they're quiet. Very. They live in the library right off the computer room, and do not contribute to the noise level (I have computers for that). I especially like how brain dead simple it is to set the temperature (I keep them at 57).


By far it has to be any classics from Bartles & Jaymes. I can get a six pack of the Exotic Berry for eight bucks at my local Bi-Lo.
(Drinking the "exotic berry" makes me feel as if I achieved some sort of adventure in life. Like at any moment I can consume enough in which I will engage in mortal combat with the deadly foe known as the windmill and perceive it to be giants from afar.)