questionsdo they still make blow dryers with attachments?


I should add that it was certainly a name brand. I don't generally buy things if I don't recognize the maker. I had it in the early eighties, which means that some of you were not yet born.


Conair still makes several versions with attachments but I haven't seen one with all the attachments that you have described. Several I have seen are more stylers -

While others are more dryer -

I try not to use my dryer as I don't pay attention and I am always getting my hair sucked into the dang thing (I have hair down to my waist).


Haven't scoured the net to find anything yet...but I know the exact dryer you mentioned! My Husband had one years ago and he loved it, because the air came out of the side it was like using a rather bulky hair-brush and it straightened his curly hair like no other.


@colonelpuffpuff: Oh. My. You have my gratitude, and thank you. The item I wanted was your first link. Apparently I needed to search for styler instead of dryer, all this time.

Thank you, and it's already on the way.

Did I remember to say thank you? Thank you!


Vidal Sassoon also still makes this type - for reasons I don't quite understand, they tend to be marketed more towards men. Here's the VS one:

I don't have this exact thing but I do have other Vidal Sassoon hair care appliances and the ones I have have proved to be great quality (read: they work well and they last many years).


@kalaharinight: I've found that one before. It's marketed towards men (and people with short hair) because it tangles in long hair. Ow!


@shrdlu: You're welcome. I really had no idea the there were ones that blow out the side. I have had mine for eons and haven't gone looking at new ones for a long while. So, thank you, as I learned something new today.


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