questionswhat foods & drinks are you serving (bringing…


Lobstuh, fried clams(with the belly in), and boston baked beans. What else?

p.s. I do wish the final game was in Boston though. Lets hope Luongo can fall into one of his incosistent periods for game 7 in Vancouver.


Since it's hot outside now, I'm serving some brats and hamburgers. My friend typically brings out the Labatt Blue to celebrate the Canadian holiday. Some chips. Unfortunately I don't have A/C, so I think wings and pizza are done for the season.

Even though it's the wrong part of Canada, I want to try Poutine too. I saw Anthony Bourdain eating some, and have wanted some ever since. Hard to find cheese curds in CO unfortunately.


New England Clamboil & Beer.


Watched at the south shore plaza 99... Chicken fingers, coleslaw, a lot of popcorn and the winning Bruins!!!!