questionswhen did that shopping cart appear?


It's new!


To keep from repeating ourselves, we'll be answering questions on that thread.


I was like hey a new woot site (it is early for me), then I was huh a cart. Now I am here.
edit So it looks like we lost unlocking free shipping after our first purchase.
But we gained the ability to use more thAn one coupon code a day...but we do not get coupons any more.
So... even less incentive to buy more.


I noticed it as soon as I refreshed the screen this morning. I was going to ask the same question then saw yours. I think they did it just for @gmwhit . She is such a diva you know.


@caffeine_dude: Agreed. As I commented on the official thread @thunderthighs pointed to, the cart isn't helpful to those of us who don't buy a lot of items. Not once have I found anything extra to buy after unlocking free shipping. I can't imagine I am going to find the shopping cart $5 shipping any more helpful, and it certainly won't be an incentive during the less interesting woot-offs we've been having recently.


"One Day, One Deal" but you need a cart to hold all of it while you do your comparison shopping and decide what or if to buy.


@omnichad: You made me lol. I was a fan of the $5 shipping and knew it was temporary, but it's been around for so long that I figured it was here to stay. Good work on the cart. Welcome to the 90's!


BOOOOO.... no more 5 dollar a day shipping on woot offs.... BOOO.....


@caffeine_dude: True story: With the recent Bacon Freak Bacon promo (which just ended minutes ago), my interested was piqued. Thought process went like this:

"Oh hey, that looks good, I think I'll order that. Hmm. Weeeeellll, actually, wait a sec. If I had a coupon, I would order right now, but since I don't have one...naw, I'll pass."


@stile99: woot's profit margins are razor thin! Good thing you didn't have a coupon to use or else woot would lose money! ;)


The shopping cart of doom

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So, we lost $5 all day shipping - sort of. The new shipping is $5 per order. So, yes woot-offs will be affected, but for the most part, if you get all the stuff you want on one order, you're still only paying $5 for all of it to ship.


@philosopherott: BOOOOO.... no more 5 dollar a day shipping on woot offs.... BOOO.....

That certainly blows. There will definitely be more to the thought process during Wootoffs. Do I reeeeaalllly need it? Do I reeeealllllly want it? That extra $5 will curb my purchasing, if I do manage to purchase more than one item on the given day during a Wootoff.


Woot needs a shopping cart. Woot needs a shopping cart. Woot needs a shopping cart. (Continue until blue in the face)

Woot gets a shopping cart:

This is stupid, now I'm not going to order during woot-offs. They really should have put more thought into this. it just me, or is there a distinct air of "We're going to bitch no matter what" around here?


@stile99: That's always been a thing here at woot. If they give us everything we want, exactly how we want it - someone will bitch about it.


to quote woot "Not a farewell, just a forced redirect.
It's true,[ $5 all day shipping on woot-offs] is no longer, but please don't despair. Never-ending savings are still to be found on Deals.Woot each and every day, so come on in. Don't think of it as a time for tears. Think of it as a way to bring us all closer together under one roof."

originally referencing the loss of local.woot


@stile99: I complained in the other thread on the world of woot side...and I never asked for a shopping cart


@philosopherott: wait, local.woot is gone, never noticed


@natedogg828: I didn't notice local.woot was gone until I looked at your post. I guess since it didn't apply to me, I just never really looked for it. Or something like that.

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@philosopherott: "originally referencing the loss of local.woot"

Yeah, but local.woot was DOA. Was there anybody - other than woot - that didn't see that coming?


Me no likey. Want $5/day shipping back.


@jsimsace: Thanks SO much for pointing that out. Yes, I have requested a shopping cart. And if you think I'm a diva, you may be right. Or, you could be dead wrong.

I requested the cart because woot has turned into a quasi-store front site. Not quite; just a close miss. Thought a cart would make shopping here easier.

Also, of import, I have repeatedly requested a search function. Since woot is masquerading as a real store, I thought it might be helpful to BE one. And emulate the mother-ship, who makes searching & shopping easy.

Will repeat what others before me have's the same as the $5 per day shipping. You just put items in your cart, instead of placing X amount of separate orders. Still 5 bucks..

The loss of the $5 thing is during woot-offs. Will just say this about that....many (including myself) have said that woot-offs seem to be the same stale, oft over-priced items previously offered.. No big bargains; no great buys.


I was going to be really upset about the whole "no more free all day shipping for woot offs" problem. I was really working on what to say and came here hoping there was just such a question asked on deals.woot so I could voice my upset.....

Then I realized, I don't even buy anything thing during a woot off these days, let alone multiple things.