questionshow do you tip at an all inclusive resort?


Given that it says gratuities are included, I imagine employees aren't expecting tips. It could also be a location where tipping isn't customary (something to consider).

What I'd suggest is first calling the resort/ a representative and posing this question. I really doubt you're the first person to feel this way, so they'll probably be able to give a good answer.

I'd probably tip at the bar/ after meals, but seeing as it's all inclusive, this can build up FAST. If someone goes, in your mind, above and beyond the call of duty when serving you, maybe include a little something extra for them.

But in this case, if you didn't want to tip, I wouldn't sweat it. I can't imagine someone at such a resort getting mad for not tipping.


I found that tipping your bar staff ahead of time got you better drinks/service. While gratuities are included, most people who work at the resorts aren't compensated very well and tips are still appreciated.


Just be aware that some businesses that claim their "fee" intended as a gratuity for staff employees may actually keep a substantial amount for themselves. Even if there is a resort fee or included gratuity, you may want to subtly inquire if that actually gets handed out fairly and fully.

Based on that, you may want to leave an additional tip for some services.