questionshow do you make yourself happy?


Would you like still photos or a video?


I am the master of my domain. THAT can make me happy.


Me. Your mom. And your sister.
A bottle of Jack. Some olive oil.
I'll let you know in the morning.


By ragging on idiotic questions from total strangers who seem to have wandered in off the sidewalk.


My lawyer has advised me to withdraw my original comment until after the trial.


@robingraves: Yes, please.

On a less serious note, in the winter we ski & snowboard, in the summer we kayak and camp. Also chocolate, shellfish and other foodstuffs.


@caffeine_dude: My Cymbalta? Never! Get your own prescription.


@thunderthighs: But, but, I have not seen my, I mean doctor in years.

Good line from Scrubs
Dr. Cox: Those were the good old, incredibly disturbing, days, Bob. Today people think of us as drug-dispensing walking lawsuits who are, in fact, less informed than their internet phones.

Except change the word 'dispensing' with 'dealing'. I know doctors get compensated to prescribe drugs. If my doctor does not suggest the generic version of a drug, I change doctors next time.
My disdain for doctors is based on my history with them, to sum it up if I was as accurate with my job as they are with theirs I would have been fired for incompetence and the customer would not have had to pay the bill.