questionswhy should asking questions increase your deals…


This question has actually been asked multiple times in the past. From what I understand, reputation is not only about deals, but is also about you being a resource for the community and being an active part of the community. Asking questions can range from reminding people of important things (such as the POC giveaways on facebook) to promoting finding deals in a specific range (such as needing a new keyboard), and even just thanking staff for their generosity (@jumbowoot coupons, staff created BOC, etc).

Its just reputation, it's not like it matters anyway. :)


I take it you didn't do your research before asking this question. Do a search for "ask a question rep", and you will find three pages discussing this very same topic. It makes for good bathroom reading.


And here I thought I was being cleverly meta.

I saw that it wanted me to ask questions if I were to increase my score, but I see question-asking instead of Googling to be a leechy thing to do, so I thought about it for over a week, meanwhile wondering to myself over and over, "Why would they promote asking questions purely for score?" After asking myself that for the bazillionth time it hit me: Hey! That's a question I could ask purely for score!

And, apparently others have already beaten me to that meta-ly clever idea.

Oh well.


I don't think it is so much to get you to ask questions, but to get you to participate. The more you click, the more ads you see. The more ads you see, the more the host gets. Also, they know good and well (as do you) that if you're here, you're probably going to buy some deals from the main sites. I know I do. Most of the time it's an impulse buy.


So try this on for size: I haven't posted a question in four months. FOUR MONTHS.

My "questions asked" rep score is 80%.

You don't need to constantly ask questions to maintain your reputation score.

Stop asking questions because the needle tells you to. It isn't quantity that raises your rep score, it is quality.

Ask meaningful questions that will inspire a lively discussion or debate and you will be rewarded.


I've given up trying to figure this out, It's like everyone at Mensa and The William J. LePetomaine Memorial Gambling Casino For The Insane, got together and made up the rules for the rating system.

Last week, I was 18, I was feeling it, I was going to crack the top 15, something I have been able to do only once. I had some unreal deals up, high votes, some really good questions and I covered all the bases with asking, voting and making a couple of tattles. Today I'm at 40. I've done nothing different, but my score keeps goping down.

I'll figure it out someday........


@mrgrogg: "That's a question I could ask purely for score!"

Did you really think that's the only option?


Your reputation score plus $1.00 will get you a Value Fries at McDonald's.