questionschallenge: find me an external blu-ray/dvd drive…


It looks like you have the cheapest (except below) one that I can find, I found one at Tiger Direct's ebay store that beats Amazon's price (actually Circuit City) with free shipping ($49.99):

Here is a nobrand (Everpower) for $49.00 with free shipping: (I'd pick the one you found)


Polaroid is not a brand name in the way Panasonic or Sony is. Polaroid sold/sells the name to other vendors.


@abramokids: I knew it probably wasn't as good, but I didn't know it sold/rented out it's name. I figure (hope) it would be better than Everpower, which I never heard of.

As a side note, just because it's a cheap brand doesn't always mean it won't do what it was made to do.


Polaroid TV's are crap. Don't think I would buy a drive with the Polaroid name.


Here are a few of the External Blu-Ray Drives that I found and would recommend. There are much better drives than this, but they can reach prices of $120 and up. Any cheaper than the following drives and you are headed into the no brand items that are of low quality. Here you are:

Polaroid BD162 External Black Blu-Ray Drive - $49.99 + S/H,172463-B004EVLXL6-Polaroid_BD162_External_Black_.html

ASUS Computer International Direct External Blu-Ray 6X Combo BDXL Support SBC-06D2X-U (Black) - $79.76 + S/H

Samsung SE-406AB/RSBD External BlueRay USB 2.0 Combo Optical Drive - $86.45 + S/H

ASUS USB 2.0 6xBlu-Ray Combo External Optical Drive SBC-06D1S-U (Black) - $94.53 + S/H,172463-B003A7X7WI-ASUS_USB_20_6xBlu_Ray_Combo_Ex.html

Thank you...


@abramokids: I honestly do not know, I just wanted to make sure you were not buying it because of the Polaroid name.
I found all about the Polaroid brand name when my Polaroid DVR died.

Have you considered an enclosure and an internal drive?


@caffeine_dude: I thought about it for like 10 seconds. I wouldn't have room for an internal in my already stuffed laptop case :/