questionsshould duplicate deals, that were self-expired…


have you tried to search subject -is:expired
that will get rid of all the ones that have been ripped.


@moosezilla: The example is a price history search where you would want to see the expired deals.


Ehh, tattle on it... can't hurt... Probably won't be deleted...


@jsoko: The deals have comments that they are duplicates and have been tattled on previously but they are still posted.

I guess duplicates just REALLY bother me. The fact that the duplicate is still on the site and I know it is there (I am a junkie for neat paperwork and proper logs and having everything just perfect).


Yes. All duplicates should be destroyed.


I say yes. A duplicate is still a duplicate. RIPing it helps by taking it out of the main list and whatnot, but it still doesn't really server any purpose.

Of course, there are a lot more old deals that could use clearing out first that aren't RIP'd, so it's not something I'd set out to clean up on purpose.