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I'm a bit on the fence on this one. While I don't necessarily think these books are free, I think it's fair to express the deal as a "free Kindle book," because you are in fact receiving the product at no cost to consume, even if must first pay the yearly fee (or use one of their many free trial offers). The distinction between these deals and the library, in my opinion, is that the one-free-book-a-month offer is like a coupon, and the deals are simply letting me know which items qualify.


To me, not the same. One is ownership that you can read at any time. The other is borrowing and you may or may not be able to borrow it depending on if you've borrowed a book or not already.


Even though I have a prime account, this still bugs me.


It needs to be listed in the post, preferably title or first line.


I'm annoyed with free kindle books being listed on woot because there are thousands of always free kindle books and people feel the need to post them as deals all the time.

The situation you describe also bothers me.


I have a Kindle, and I have Prime, but I do not consider my "borrowed" books from Amazon to be free. They are free to borrow, but I don't get to keep them like the actual FREE books available for download. I don't have a problem with them being listed as Deals, as long as the distinction is clear: they are borrowed, and only for people who have Kindle and Amazon Prime. I'm not sure I see the point, though. I already know what books are available to borrow.


It bothers me when it's not specified in the posting itself. I usually check out the free Kindle books, and if I like one and click through to discover it's only free for Prime, it's a huge disappointment. I still usually up-vote the deal since it's free if you meet the qualifications, but I'd prefer the poster mention that it's for Prime only.


I have a Kindle and a Prime account, and "free to borrow from Amazon" is no different than "free to borrow from my local library".

Woot doesn't allow postings from my local library and shouldn't allow "free to borrow from Amazon for Prime members", either.

That said, I get the feeling many are free to all when posted, but just aren't expired when they revert to free only for Prime.


@dleffert: They're vastly different! First, you don't have to drag your butt to the library. The Kindle downloads to you instantly assuming you can connect to a WiFi.

Second, you can borrow more than one book from the library at a time. Kindle only lets you borrow 1 at a time.

Third, there's a time limit for library books and you start accruing late fees. No late fees with Kindle books; you just don't get to borrow any more.

So no, not that same.


Would it be appropriate to list every movie and TV show that is free to stream for Prime members?

Would it be appropriate to check the free shipping box for every deal on Amazon that is Prime shipping-eligible?

I think the answer to both those questions is no.


I do care. I can convert regular Kindle books to my Nook. However, the prime books are not free "if you have prime" they are free to borrow "if you have prime and a Kindle device." If you are using Calibre with your Sony Reader or Nook or reading Kindle books on your phone or iPad, even with Prime, those books aren't free.

If people want to post them, and others vote them up that's fine. Just make it clear in the post that it's a lending library "free" and not a no cost, few conditions, "free."


@90mcg112: DITTO

And I am a Prime member. If it is not free for everyone - it is NOT free.


I also agree that it's not the same. Partly because it's borrowing a book rather than keeping it for free (which I view like with Prime you can stream movies for free, you don't get to keep a copy).

But it's also not the same as free because you need both Prime and a Kindle. A free Kindle book can be read on any Kindle app, but a "free Prime lending library" book can only be read on a Kindle, which is a big difference.


I don't have a Kindle or a Prime account, so either way the deal is not for me. But I agree that there is a distinction between being allowed to borrow something if you are a paid member or being able to get something for free without a membership. To me posting books from the Amazon Prime Lending Library as "free kindle books" is like posting movies available for streaming on Netflix as "free movie downloads".


"To me posting books from the Amazon Prime Lending Library as 'free kindle books' is like posting movies available for streaming on Netflix as 'free movie downloads.'" -moondrake

Exactly what I came in to say.


Yes, it is irritating to me. Only e-books that are usually more expensive and are free for everyone at deal time should be listed as free deals.


OMG!!! It bothers me to no end! I was up half the night fuming about this exact issue! When I finally calmed down, I thought about the difficulty it is to score a BOC and that was it - I got no sleep last night.


Seriously - for many of the reasons already listed above, yes - it bothers me.


Yes, it bothers me. It seems a vocal subset of folks have Prime. I don't. I don't ever plan to. I'm not sure people would be happy if I posted deals such as "Free maps from AAA (if you're a member)", or even Costco or Sam's Club deals.


I can't stand the posts of free to borrow. I got down voted in one of them because I got pretty upset since I wasn't paying attention and bought the book... stupid one click order lol. Anyway all books from lending library should never be in the deals site and I wish modmins would delete them as they are found.


I have started using another site to look for Free Kindle books because I got tired of seeing books listed as "Free" when they were actually "(read for free) Prime" My wife fell into this trap the other day and accidentally bought a book.

Mainly the reason I don't think the Free Prime books should be listed is because you have to be on your Kindle and go to the Kindle store to get the Prime books. When I am on my Kindle Fire and go to I still can't use my Prime Option. In other words, there is no way to take advantage of Prime by clicking a link on this site. All it is accomplishing is causing people to accidentally buy books they thought they were getting for free.


Books that are only free for Prime members should not be allowed on Woof. Prime members don't need to look here for book deals, and it may be confusing for non Prime users.


@marleesgma: That would be a great name for the pet.woot that people bring up from time to time.


@moondrake: Yes it would. Lil

I did go look at some free e-book listings and I believe the answer is pretty obvious, READ ALL DETAILS. If you click on "I want one" the details on Amazon clearly state whether or not a book is free only for Prime members.


There is a huge distinction. Aside from what has been pointed out, the Kindle Lending Library only allows ONE book to be borrowed at a time, and ONE book per calendar month. I borrowed a finance book yesterday. I can't borrow another book until March 1. And once I borrow another book, that finance book gets "returned" (deleted from my device).

Any Kindle owner (not just Prime members) can "buy" as many free books at one time as they want, and move them on and off their device(s) at their leisure.


I paid for Amazon Prime because it said I'd get free Kindle books ("unlimited") and then it turns out I need a Kindle to read them...not a Kindle reading software (which is free), but a real physical Kindle ($80+) and I have a Nook and a Mac so WTF? Why not make those free books available to read on the computer? They pulled the same (profanity) with the instant streaming free TV/Movies. All the content that is available for free is already accessible to anyone with Netflix (like me.)

So what did I get for my $39? Free 2-day shipping for the year. 1 year. And I had 3 years left before with my free Student Prime membership.

I'm an f-ing idiot.


@sbee619: Don't they have a satisfaction policy?


absolutely! I downvote any "free to BORROW" that is posted as a "free kindle book". I think the majority of wooters are not prime members, so you're doing a disservice to the community. Most people who do this don't even bother to mention in the description that it is only free for prime members.


Thanks, everyone, for the replies. I thought it was just me, but this morning I just couldn't take it anymore. I've been posting on some of these deals to point out the distinction, but I just can't keep up with them all. I am glad to know others agree!


I am checking in late on this, but this is bugging me a lot. I don't have Prime right now, so #1 the books are not free, so the deal should specify that they are "free to prime members" and #2 they are free to read, not free to own; so the deals should specify that right up front too.