questionsis there an alternative to land-line setup?


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How good of a cellular signal do you get? Just go all-cellular. They make 3G wifi routers you can share that cell connection to multiple computers with - even wired desktops, and use a cell phone for all your calls. You might have to buy calling cards to get good international rates.

You would have a data cap with 3G cellular, but probably higher than you could ever download in a month on dial-up.


Is there some reason you haven't gone to high speed internet?

Where I lived, we were stuck with dial-up for many years, simply because the cable/ equipment wasn't in place on our road, and the cable companies didn't think it would be cost-effective for them to install it. Thankfully they finally installed it on our road this year, and the difference is tremendous.

Unfortunately, I'm not real knowledgeable on phone / internet service providers, so I'm afraid I won't be of much help there. Good luck, though.


High speed internet runs about 60/month and up. I don't use the internet that much -- I get enough computer stuff at work -- and I'm not usually here all day during the week, anyway, so it seems silly to waste the money when I'm saving to buy a house.

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What is your main goal? Make cheaper long distance calls or reduce the price of your everyday Internet and phone bills?

Skype is an option for getting rid of long distance charges, but would still require an Internet connection. If you have an android smart phone you can use Google Voice app. This allows you to use their number, so if you both use google numbers there should be no charge (if I remember correctly, I could be wrong on this) .


It depends on what you want to get out of it. If you want a landline setup in your house but not pay for landline service, you could go the Ooma route, or the Obihai with Google Voice.

A cool feature of GV is that it can be configured to work with your cell phone as well, so both your house phones and cell phone ring when your GV receives a call. If you pick up on your house phone it's free; if you pick up on your cell phone it may use up some of your minutes.

Of course, you could always go all cellular, but that requires that your phone be on, charged, and in your pocket with ring or vibrate activated at all times.

The first two options pretty much require a high-speed internet, though. Not sure how well they would work, if at all, just with dial-up.


As has already been stated, you really have no alternatives unless you have high-speed internet of some kind.

As you stated, cable runs around $60/month, however you CAN haggle them down. There is usually a special promotion out, and if you can't get that, you can usually get the promotional rate for 6 months. That could be closer to $45/month. Owning your equipment can lower that, assuming you plan to use the service for long enough to break even. $5/month rental fees on the modem and/or router can add up though. Add VOIP, and ditch your phone.

If you use a smartphone, you may want to consider tethering. If you really do not use the net for very much, it may be cheaper to just get your data through the phone. If you do not have a smartphone, you may want to see what kind of pricing you can get. Between Google Voice and tethering (assuming you use under 5gb / month, which using dialup I assume you probably do) you may come out ahead to drop the phone/dialup and go smartphone.


What region of the country are you in? The cost for cable may not be as high as you think. For example, I'm in Southern California, and the slowest speed (which is still about a thousand times faster than dial up) is 19.99. Couple that with being able to cancel your phone and use VOIP/Skype, you'd still be saving money in total.

I pay 3 bucks a month for unlimited nation-wide calling with Skype and just buy a phone card for international phone calls.


I'm in Maryland but now I want to move to California! Comcast starts at 42/month plus taxes. I don't have a cell phone -- they can't be taken in to work and leaving it in the car is a bad idea.

It doesn't seem like there is any way to do this yet. Oh well, I thought it was worth asking. Thanks for your suggestions

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Majic Jack SUCKS. Not once have I had a call that didnt echo. Besides, thats not what he's looking for (read, man).

I assume DSL is out because you're more than a few miles of POTS lines away.

Sattelite is your only option, albeit crappy download and non-existant upload speeds.

if you only need it to browse, and dont need flash or to visit sites that open in another window from a link, get a Kindle 3G (Whispernet, not REALLY 3G), its free internet forever, no contract, nothing. I love mine (older keyboard kindle 3g) and YES its the ENTIRE internet, not just Amazon. Even 6 months after they were released, I couldnt find a review that was clear on that.