questionswhat's the best site for movie rental downloads?


According to this link to Amazon Support, Amazon's Instant Video service provides the option for offline viewing. Scroll down to "Amazon Instant Video" and "Prime Instant Video":

"...or tap Download to save the video to your Kindle Fire. To watch a movie or TV episode you have already purchased or rented, tap Library at the top right of your screen. ...Prime titles aren't available for download."

Double-check with Amazon to see if they "Allow Offline Viewing of Rented or Purchased movies". Not sure if offline viewing is "Kindle Fire" specific. Also make sure whatever tablet you purchase can run both Amazon Instant Video as well as Prime Instant Video (and have adequate enough storage to hold offline videos).

I know for sure Netflix does not allow offline viewing of videos.

Hope this helped. Actually, it helped me more than anything.


I have used the Amazon rental service to watch a video on the plane. You can download it to one device only but stream it to any others that are attached to the account until the rental expires. Worked great, the download took over a half hour though (on WiFi).
EDIT: I downloaded it to the iPad, not the Fire.