questionsare you looking forward to the new season of…


Yes I can't wait to see the dragons:)


I haven't seen the first season yet but I just finished the 2nd book.



I've read all the books, and the first season was pretty good so I can't wait to see the second. It's a bit HBO-ified of course, but the content and tone of the books kind of fits with that, so it works pretty well.


New trailer up today. Watching Tyrion slap Joffrey? Yes, please.


Absolutely! One of the best season finales I've ever seen!


I can't wait. I just finished rewatching the first season, and these next two weeks are going to be torturous.

A Clash of Kings is when things really start to get good, but I'm not looking forward to the end of this season, when I'm going to have to wait god knows how long before they do whatever they're planning on doing with A Storm of Swords. I hope they split it up into two seasons, because there's so much material to work with, but that's going to mean waiting even longer before finally seeing [REDACTED] kill [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] finding [REDACTED] and the chaos that follows.


It's very strange knowing everything that's going to happen in this series, and not wanting to spoil it for all the people who are either not reading the series, or not done reading the series. Almost nothing has happened so far! I want to talk about weddings and privies, undertakers and magic kisses, but I can't, and won't be able to for years yet. Normally it's fun to spoil the story for people, but in this case it will be much more satisfying to wait until you see it, and then hurl your remote at the TV like I so often hurled the book across the room.


@stark: Why don't you start a GoT spoiler thread where you can talk about these things with others who have already read all the books? I haven't yet. I've read some of his SF, but none of his fantasy books. I picked up the boxed set of the first four at Costco this Christmas, but haven't had time to even peel off the plastic wrapper. The weather has been so nice (except we are having a regulation El Paso Apocalypse right now) that I need to make some time to sit on the canopy swing under the big tree and read before the mosquitoes take over the world.


Very much so. Looking forward to the direwolves and dragons especially.

I enjoyed the first season, saw every episode at least twice. Bought the Blu-Rays, and while there are still some issues I have with the show (the dialogue is read so quickly, without much drama, early on, the khalasar is tiny, the direwolves disappear for LONG stretches), it's better than I remembered. Great show.


@moondrake: Agreed, we need a GOT Spoilers thread! I want to talk about all that stuff too. Or maybe a GOT Read-a-Long thread, so people can get spoilers in small increments.

(Still working on book #5 but I think I'll be done fairly soon!)

edited in: Oh yeah, absolutely looking forward to the new season!


GoT is teh awsomez.
Also, we need more direwolves. More of Ghost being awesome. He's mentioned so often in the books, yet rarely makes an appearance on the show.