questionsdeals.woot poll: who wins a fisticuffs battle…


Vote for William Wallace. Do that and your men shall live. Do it not, and every one of you will die today.


William Wallace can shoot lightning bolts out of his arse... can your gladiator do that?


Gladiator if he's got it in his mind to kill Wallace. If not, then he'll hesitate at the last moment and Willy Wallace wins without wavering one (word that means bit, but starts with a "w" for alliteration purposes)


@captainsuperdawg: "whit". :-D

Vote for the Gladiator. Wallace's power was in his armies.


@khellendros1984: Braveheart's power was in his heart. He believed in his peoples right to freedom and fought for what he (and they) believed in. While Gladiators fought for their own lives, Braveheart fought for his people and country. He would triumph for this alone.


"heart" can sway armies... heart won't win hand to hand combat (not alone, at least)

besides, since we're comparing movie portrayals of characters - it can easily be said that maximus's fight for revenge over the rape and death of his wife and child contains an equal amount of "heart"

william wallace's strength was his ability to move people. A talented fighter, no doubt - but his victories came from his ability to inspire great numbers of people, not force.

maximus was a trained soldier, in an age of highly trained soldiers (not just armed peasantry) competing at the top levels against other trained, powerful, and/or brutal men and circumstances. one on one, hand to hand combat - i think the gladiator would be the victor. (i'm making a distinction between any gladiator, and the specific movie characters since that's what the question asks)


Find out for yourself:


tl;dr - Wallace got stomped.


This is easy. Whatever girlfriend Mel Gibson has, at the moment, wins.