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You can't go wrong with a poor guy. The only direction he can go is up. Like Confucius say, "Man with hole in pocket always feeling cocky". Good luck!


Depends on if you are in it for the long haul or just for your reality tv show.


first thought: make sure he's single. second thought: if you are involved with two guys at the same time and they are both at the point of making a permenant commitment, then they are both loosing--you obviously don't want to be with only one or else you would have committed to dating only one long ago.


I'd choose the latter. His lack of the ability to express himself could be due to his feelings for you, or perhaps he takes a long time to feel confident enough to share that part of himself. As to Mr. #2, fickleness is not a good trait for a marriage. I'm almost 60 now; it's interesting to think back to my 20s/30s, when everyone (or so it seemed) was getting married & then look at how they are today. The women who chose what we might call "nerdy" today, are, by far, in the happiest marriages. Those who went with the "wild ones" (handsome, sexy, often wealthy, etc.) have long been divorced, sometimes more than once because they kept marrying the same type. You didn't say which one you loved? That, of course, is a major factor in your decision making. I suggest strongly that you don't choose either until you are sure of your feelings. While I agree that responsibility & loyalty are important in a marriage, I'd also add a good sense of humor & honesty. Wishing you all the best!


@moosezilla: Nonsense, she could marry both and they could make a show on TLC out of it called "Brother Husbands."


If 2 men are at the point where they are proposing, perhaps you should go with the first or neither. It's not fair to choose the second because he is less likely to wander since you, yourself, have not been entirely exclusive. That isn't a dis btw. I wish you luck. :)


I'm of the opinion that "girls" aren't mature enough to choose husbands, especially if they need to solicit assistance from relative strangers.

But that's just me.


Who do you think we are, "Dear Abby" ?

We are getting some of the strangest questions lately. It must be the hot weather. It's driving everyone crazy.

Edit: Maybe "crazy" is not the correct term. I think it's making everyone dumb, bordering on stupid. Dumb, dumb, dumb questions. And some are downright stupid.


The above answer is brought to you by the campaign committee to get Barnabee's airconditioner fixed NOW!.

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I think you're in a romantic comedy. I'd search your home for cameras.


Important objective criteria for a mate (in order)
1. A pulse (may be revisited once sentient androids are invented)
2. Same species as yours
3. Older than the recognized age of consent
4. Correct gender for your preferences
5. Not already claimed by a rival


Shoot, I was just gonna say make sure he's loaded. And preferrably old. Like, about to die old. And make sure you are a hot blonde.

And a Ferrari. Make sure he has a Ferrari.


Any one get the impression the OP is not a native English speaker? The question has almost a Tuptim/not typical American cadence.

@Cherry123: Do you love either of the men, or are you marrying to escape your current living situation? Sounds like you're "jumping from the frying pan, into the fire." If you have to ask this question, you are not ready to marry ANY one.


@lavikinga: You have an interesting point. Something is off, but I can't place it.
I'm starting to wish I hadn't downvoted. This is turning interesting.


How about choosing the one you're in love with. If you love neither (which is what it sounds like based on the fact that you only mention the qualities they bring to the proposal) then marry neither.

For me, the answer that immediately popped out of my mouth worked as a good indicator.


I think you might be a ROBOT!