questionsdid any other subscribers get their 40…


Not a subscriber, but always check your spam/junk mail folder. Congrats on your treasure!


Yep, I did. When I tried to watch the Cardinals game last night the feed was broken and just said the game was about to start (it was the 3rd inning).

I don't shop on the MLB shop though, if anyone wants my code let me know.


@hackman2007: Can I have the code please. I am trying to purchase a shirt for my dad. You can email @


Why do you say "thanks woot"? Was the MLB season pass a woot deal??? 'cause if so, my head is already in the noose.


@1rudeboy: The thanks was for my Roku refurbs..which in turn led me to purchasing the 2012 season from I paid $160 for it while with Directv and only $125 with Roku. If you combine the $35 I saved on the season, plus the $40 I saved on the jersey..that's $75 and just paid for my Roku. All good.

It looks like Directv dropped it's price this year to $140..still more than Roku, though.