questionswhich monopoly piece should go? and which should…


Bye, bye thimble. Hello toy robot. Or cat, but the cat should only sold as a multiple of 10. And the rules should be changed so that the person playing with the cat token can be charged 20% extra rent for a pet security deposit.


They already have upset the balance in the force by coming out with 239 versions based on TV and Movies. Then the Monopoly Millionare set has new pieces, but the catch is you have 3 tokens to keep track of because you can upgrade = lame.

Why mess with a classic? The Parker Brothers are roling in their graves!!!


Iron or thimble, since they are both things young people have probably never used, and don't relate to. (I'm old, and I staunchly refused to take either as my piece when I played many decades ago.)

Toy robot or helo would work. But why not a spaceship, computer, or motorcycle as replacement pieces? Or even "themed" sets that could be purchased separately?

Oh, wait ... how many people actually play Monopoly on a board rather than on a game/computer simulation?


Pretty sure the thimble is going away. It'll be the robot or cat, I bet.


What? Thimble is the best!! I liked trying to actually wear it on my fingers as a kid.


@ryanwb: Because they want to sell you a new game. I have maybe a hundred board games, some we play just about every week. We take good care of the games, and I never have to replace them (other than replacing the resource cards for Catan because they just got too grimy after hundreds of uses). We still regularly use a Milles Bourne card deck printed circa 1956. The last time I bought a Monopoly Game was decades ago-- the racehorse was still in use--- and I have no reason to ever buy another unless they make a different enough version to warrant it. I'd prefer they actually come up with some new games instead of putting new lipstick on the old ones, but I understand why they are doing it.


The robot is pretty cool but I think the cat makes the most sense since there is already a dog, and who doesn't want a cat vs dog war?


I'd always have the top hat on top of the thimble! The battle ship needs to go and the diamond ring needs to come in!

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@moondrake: I am on the same boat. The whole family loves board games. Each Xmas we get new ones to play.
One of my favorites (which I just got for Xmas) is Small World. Oh and 7 Wonders is amazing!

Ditto on the Milles Bourne deck! We love playing that game!

but to answer the question - get rid of the iron! Put in a biplane (or something similar) instead! I like the idea about the robot and the cat, especially since there is a dog.


I love the thimble and the iron! And the wheelbarrow, for that matter. I'd get rid of the dog, I think.

As for the new piece, I guess I like the robot. And please, dear God, not the cat. There's enough cats on the internet, must they be everywhere? (Fake ones, I mean. Real ones are cool. So, I guess if Monopoly wanted to include a real cat with each game, I'd be okay with that.)


I always liked playing with the shoe. Why isn't the guy on the horse (the piece that always falls over) not on the list? It needs to go.


Move to strike the cannon. It doesn't even look like a cannon, it looks like something Rumpelstiltskin uses to spin gold. and speaking of spinning gold, this game is way too popular for how tedious and boring it is.

But you dont have to take my word for it:
In this episode of Board Games with Scott, host Scott Nicholson talks about Monopoly. He takes each aspect of the game and recommends other games related to each aspect.

That’s Life
Settlers of Catan
I’m the Boss
High Society
Monopoly Deal


@wootfast: Try playing it using these rules inspired by Cosmic Encounters. I came across them while looking at Monopoly trivia because of this thread. I play Monopoly on my tablet pretty much every day because it's one of the exceedingly few turn-based game apps I have found. It's a useful pass time when I am doing other things like watching TV and eating. Most game apps are on a timer and you have to just play them and do nothing else.


I would vote for the wheelbarrow if I had to. I think this is no different than when they replaced the tan M&Ms with blue ones.

For the new piece I would say the guitar. I like the robot, but it is too much like a person, and they don't have any people.


I voted to keep the top hat and add the robot. Dog looks pretty safe. So does the race car. Iron could go. I like @hirshy's biplane idea.


I would ditch the car and replace it with a TARDIS!


@theoneill555: Isn't there a Doctor Who Monopoly? If it doesn't have a TARDIS token, it's a failure.

Still, upvoting for common sense answer.


lose the thimble add the ring


Voting to lose the Thimble and add the Toy Robot. The Top hat is still my favorite followed by the Race Car and the Dog.

I have a pretty old board and bought some of the newer pieces online just to add some diversity. Not sure why you need to by a whole new set with one new piece. By the Millennium edition of Monopoly or go online and buy just the tokens. I would suggest EBay or Hasbro themselves for replacement pieces as they can be found cheap save for some antique ones.