questionscan i combine shipping from kids.woot and sellout…


$5 All You Can Ship

For a limited time, one $5 charge covers standard shipping on all your Woot orders within the same calendar day!

You heard us right. After you pay the initial $5 standard shipping charge on your first Woot order of the day, everything else you buy before midnight Central time gets free standard shipping.

That goes for any order, of any size, from any site in the Wootosphere. Buy from Woot, then grab a new tee at Shirt.Woot. Shop for the kids at Kids.Woot and yourself at Home.Woot. One $5 charge ships it all.

But All You Can Ship won't last long. We're not in the habit of leaving money on the table, so grab it while you can!


Yes, but only for the $5 standard shipping, as noted above.

The other shipping routes will NOT unlock 'all you can ship' and you will pay for each shipping charge individually for the expedited options.


Yes, you can. See previous replies. :)