questionstoms of maine discontinued sls-free fennel…


Do you know what you've done? You caused me to google what SLS is (sodium lauryl sulfate).. and what it could do to me! I don't want canker sores!


I just switched over to Tom's and love it. It's the first brand of Sensitive that doesn't make the inside of my mouth shed like a snake for hours after I use it.

I went through all the toothpastes on their site and the only SLS-free ones (3) left are all some variation of mint.

Maximum Strength Sensitive True-Mint
Clean and Gentle with Fluoride Peppermint
Clean and Gentle Fluoride free Peppermint.

You may be able to head over to and score a 6-pack of SLS free in the Fennel or Cinnamon Clove if they aren't out already which should tide you over for quite some time until either Tom's makes a replacement, or you find another suitable replacement.

Edit - Looking around Amazon I see a 4 pack of Apricot I never saw on the Tom's website that's SLS free. It's $20 for 4 boxes instead of the one charging $16 for a single box of the fennel.

Only 1 left though.


@tiamart, they've been sold out for ages. I went to page 20 on google. NO MINT!

ANd canker sores from SLS is the least of your worries.!


I am Allergic to SLS. I break out in Hives. I use Tom's Clean and Gentle with Fluoride Peppermint or Clean and Gentle Fluoride free Peppermint. I did not like the Fennel.