questionsdid anyone notice the $20 discount on $50…


I did see the deal and have used ScoreBig in the past with great results. Maybe the downvoting reflects the displeasure the community feels now that Sponsored deal voting is "hidden"?

This really is a great deal but I know some folks don't like that they are forced to give their email address to get the deal. No big deal, just deal with it by making up a new email address.

Did I mention the word "deal" enough times in this answer?


Well, this is embarrassing! I just realized that the $20 discount is for the sponsored deal [blush]. I was so surprised by the pop-up that I didn't connect it to being for the deal itself.

Edit: I was typing this comment while @Ohcheri was posting hers.


@magic cave: You're not the first person I've made blush today ;-)


What is a "sponsored deal"? ;)