questionswho is going to go see prometheus this weekend?


Saw it Sat. AMAZING!! Way better than expected.
The 3D was awesome. The movie was filmed with actual sets with helped make the 3D real. Smooth and flowing. Not all jumpy and glitch like most. Spend the extra few bucks and do the 3D.

Story was good. Even if you have never seen Alien, you can still totally get this movie. My GF enjoyed it and had only seen pieces of Alien just recently. She didn't know it was a prequel till I told her.

Do yourself a favor and go see this in theaters. It's worth it!


@mellielou: Phoebe??? Who's this Phoebe you speak of? speaks slowly....I'm R e g i n a.....Regina Filangee. Pleased to meetcha. extends hand to shake

Alas, I did not get out of surgery in time to make the showing I'd planned on, then was too pooped to go to a later one, even in the Prive section of the theater where they serve drinks and real food that you can consume whilst watching. I had selected a good seat and came >thisclose< to clicking the button to buy the ticket, but just couldn't commit to more than 2 hrs of sitting there as tired as I am. Was afraid that would lessen my enjoyment of the movie, even in those nice roomy and comfy seats. It's probably just now letting out, in fact. I was supposed to meet my friend Ken Adams there, but had to break our date. :(


Just saw it. Was ah-maz-ing in 3D. Holy cow. Very deep movie. It's main theme is actually about faith and creation. Well worth the money!

Like Inception, you will have plenty of things to think about when you leave the theater.


I was going to go last night at midnight, my theater's a couple blocks from my apartment, but then it hit me that I'd be going to bed at 3am after a horror movie on a day I had to work on lots of stuff... so I'll see it this weekend, maybe.


@jumbowoot: I will be sure to ask you Monday for a review on this! :)


@reginafilangee: haha! Honestly, I wanted it to be scarier.

And for the midnight showing out here, cardstock posters were handed out.

P.S. love the screen name...Phoebe :)


Hearing a lot of mixed/not great things about it from valued friends, so skipping.


I'd like to but I my wife is working. So that means I have the baby. He is probably a lot cuter than anything in the movie though.


yes see it. I cant wait to see it, i just have to make sure i dont cry when i see it from being too scary


I hope I can make some time to sneak away from the wife and daughter. Really excited to see the movie in the theater!


I'm going to the first 3D showing tomorrow at noon.
Hearing mixed things about it, but I don't care. I love Ridley Scott and the Aliens franchise so I can't wait.


I may if kayaking gets rained out.


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If I write to them, do you think they'll fix the problem and that it will work the next time I try? ;-)


@mellielou: Ooooooooo......Woot gossip!

Is there a site I don't know about yet???


@conanthelibrarian: Don't base your decision on reviews.....just go, and then decide for yourself if YOU like it. Who cares what others think? I'm a science-fiction addict myself, and so for me, even bad sci-fi is good sci-fi (think Plan 9 from Outer Space).....and then the really awesome sci-fi is even better!!!

I'm hoping to go tomorrow night, but still haven't seen MIB3 yet, so.....depends on the crowd, I suppose (and what time I end up getting out of the hospital.)


Yes, in t-minus 1 hr, 6 min... with another Woot! member!!


It's unbelievable. I don't quite understand a couple of the plot points, but it's a great movie. 10/10 will watch again.


My boyfriend and I are going to a festival this weekend with live music and yummy food, then going to see Prometheus at night. I am SOOOO freggin excited for this weekend!


I want to, but we have the Relay for Life this weekend. So, it will have to wait. I love Ridley Scott movies and this one looks pretty good to me....


Since I've seen every other movie in the franchise, quite likely. I still remember going to the original Alien movie with a bunch of friends and the one was extremely squeamish. We didn't see her till after the movie was over when she bolted out of the theater when the alien burst out of the guy's stomach.