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I have this Cyberpower model I picked up from Circuit City a few years back and have had no problems with it. It has tripped twice during separate lighting storms and everything plugged into it still works perfectly.

10-Outlet, 3000 Joules, 2 cable ports, phone and Ethernet in/out, 6ft cord.
Includes $200,000 Connected Equipment Warranty


@wickedd365: Thanks for the link - liking the 3000 Joules protection, others ive seen for around that price only protected at around 1700


I rely on the Belkin PureAV PF30 Power Console to protect my tv & blu-ray player instead of a surge protector. Here is the link:

It works great! IMO it is a much cleaner presentation than your standard old surge strip and it conditions the power to eliminate static on the display. It has lots of plugs on the back. It's just been great!! It's received great reviews on both and It's a bit more expensive than the option @wicked365 offered at $59.99.

Some info from the site:
Protects sensitive electronic equipment from power disturbances.
Offers Multi-Phase PureFilterTM Circuitry to provide clean and clear power.
Removes electromagnetic and radio frequency interference from household appliances, fluorescent lights,& digital components.
Eliminates popping, hissing, static, and snow.
Disconnects power with Advanced Overvoltage Protection when input voltage reaches a dangerous level.


@jimmyd103: Thanks! That actually looks pretty sweet...


@jimmyd103: I was pondering on getting the Belkin PureAV PF30..then, i received an email saying it was the one of ebay/ deals of the day...its a sign! Ordering one up today....that for steering me in that direction..

EDIT: thanks!