questionsdid you buy a screaming woot monkey on 12/12/12?


I'm willing to pay extra for a good quality monkey. I was in for 3.

Now if only this willingness to pay more for a good quality shirt would get results sometime in the near future I'd be really happy.


I have a whole shelf of the things from past woot-offs and now my son is 17, so now he is not as enamored with them. Plus they're not dirt-cheap anymore! PASS...


Totally. If I don't torture these monkeys, than who will?


at $4 a pop plus shipping? Nah.


Nah, I'm waiting for 13/13/13.


Yes. My daughter LOVES them and we see who can shoot them the farthest down the hallway.


I love all these people that are willing to pay more for the "Quality Monkey" as though the used to cost $4 a pop. It's like Woot took them away so they could bring them back and justify the price increase because these are the "good ones"

I was a hardcore denier that that at woot have been changing for the worse but by golly I use woot quite a bit less now because it's just not the same. I have a hundred things flying at me every second and have to pay more for lower quality shirts (i've got a few of both and the new ones are crap) and now they want me to pay more for the monkey that used to be $1.99... It doesn't save me money to get the all day shipping if you're gonna raise prices on everything.


I'm actually thinking about selling my monkey collection


@jeremytheindian: So true. It's not like anything else in this world has gone up in price in the last six or more years. You tell 'em.

PS: We make squat on these.


Yes, yes I did. I can't imagine not buying the monkey! I've gone out of my way to buy the old monkeys because I love them so much, seeing the old style monkey return for 3! And, sadly, that was all I bought that whole day, so I even paid $5.00 shipping on them. Wow! MONKKKKKKEEEESSSS!!!!


Sadly, I missed out on the monkey.

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