questionshave you heard about hyundai and kia's mistake?


"With these changes, the 2012 Hyundai/Kia fleet fuel economy level is reduced by an average of 3 percent – from 27 to 26 MPG."

So not that big of a deal. Just follow a big-rig for 5 minutes and you'll draft your way to making up the difference.

Although, the only reason they came clean about this is the trouble of a class-action lawsuit down the road.


@curtisuxor: I have no problem at all with their avoiding a class-action suit by being proactive in offering compensation. They'll save money in the long run, and customers won't have to wait a year or more to see some restitution for the mistake. Win-Win!


It 2011 Kia VIN isn't a winner. I am glad that they manned up....I own 2 of their vehicles and have had zero problems with them. This recent development seems to be in character.


@jsimsace: I'm glad to hear your comment about your non-problem Kias. Way back in 2001 I bought my son (who had lost his job and then his car) a Kia Rio as a stopgap to enable him to get a job and then a better car. Instead, he drove the little Rio for the next four years, saving his money till he felt financially stable again. Aside from the fact that back then it lost huge amounts of resale value almost instantly (far more than most similarly priced cars), that little Rio ran like a champ with never a problem of any kind.


That's very cool and win for both the auto makers and the owners by avoiding a class action lawsuit.

Kia/Hyundai pays the cost of restitution instead of the cost of restitution plus massive legal costs.

The owners get a good settlement instead of a settlement minus the massive cut lawyers always take from a class action.

So Kia/Hyundai spends less to make it right, and the victims get more compensation. Win-Win!


@magic cave: We have a 2008 Santa Fe and a 2011 Soul (our daughter's vehicle) and would not hesitate to recommend either vehicle. The Santa Fe is paid for and still has 6 years of warranty left. We'll keep it a while longer. :)


I have 2 2009 Kia's. Spectra and Rondo. Great cars. The Rondo had some problems with the ESC that was fixed immediately under warranty. Other than that, those puppies run great.