questionsis not welcome on deals.woot?


Must have been something else going on, as a quick check shows Shnoop deals listed. Did your deal break any of the deals.woot commandments?


The check I did came up only with deals a month old or older...

It was a straightforward deal of the day. The one comment made was humorous, but not offensive.


Standard requests, here: Please post the link to the deal, so that @jumbowoot (or his minions) is able to review the link, and either explain why it was deleted, or tell you to post it again.

Standard disclaimers apply.
Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.



@shrdlu: Can't post the link because it was deleted. Can't post it again because it's a deal of the day.


@tcayer: You can indeed post the link to the page, since you said it was still available as yesterday's deal. No one can tell you why it was deleted unless we see what it was (and it will be much easier for you to post the details, than for us to guess what it might have been). The big guy's already been notified (via my last comment), so he'll be around in a bit, but he's more likely to respond if there's more detail in your description.


@shrdlu: I think the poster meant the deleted post's item was still available on the schnoop site as a "yesterday's deal."


@magic cave: I understood what he meant. When someone wants to know why something's deleted, or whether a site's been banned, then they need to give the most information possible. Except for JW, we're all just unpaid nice folks, trying to be helpful. We can't guess at what an item was (although I see that JW did that).

When asking a question of this type, the burden is on the OP to provide enough details, so that the maximum help may be provided.

So it goes.


@shrdlu: Yeah, it helps when we don't need to break out crystal balls because then someone always wants to go bowling with them and then a few hours later it's like "man, these shoes are stinky" and "who drank all the beer" and "oh, we're still not sure what to say because there's not enough info to go on" and then it's all looking for needles in haystacks.

Nobody wins in that situation, so I like your suggestion of including maximum info for speedier answers.


What would be nice is if the mods would let the poster know why something was deleted, so they can avoid repeating the same errors. I had a similar problem with a conversation thread on a staff member's post. She had the power to continually delete our posts, yet a standard post gets hijacked all the time.