questionshave you had a vermin infestation?


Removing squirrels and other small animals from attics is very difficult, and rather expensive. Your landlord really needs to hire professionals to seal the attic. They usually leave one or two ways (with one way doors) out and see if they leave (they use IR cameras to fine critters). If they insist on staying, then they use traps to get them. If there is a smell on the drywall, yes, it will have to be replaced. This is all very expensive: in this area pest removal will run $1200-$2500.

You need to check with somebody who knows for sure, but it sounds like the efforts of the landlord are well under what could reasonably be expected to work (like giving somebody a sponge when the water main into the house is broken). In that case I think you can break your lease.


You could tell your landlord that you are uncomfortable with having people in your home and that you feel they should provide the cost of a secure storage locker for your valuables while the abatement is underway. You should also consider getting renter's insurance if you don;t already have it. Lastly, you should immediately document your valuables. I take a photo of each item and then paste that photo on a Word document with information about the item. When and where I bought it, how much is cost, what accessories I have for it that might not be in the photo. I take a picture of the camera itself in the bathroom mirror. I keep those records on my office computer.


Can't speak for your health or your deposit, but it's often in a lease that you need to give access to the apartment for repairs and other issues, usually with 24-hours notice.

I would document everything in the apartment and let the landlord know that you are doing this. But I would also make sure you have renter's insurance, because if some of your items are damaged, even if it's the landlord's fault, it might be your insurance that picks up the tab.

If you want to put your stuff in storage, that's probably going to be on you, unfortunately. Is there a friend's place you can keep some of it?


IMHO if the sheetrock is replaced you will need another place to stay in the meantime....that is a very messy job. You will need to remove everything underneath the repair area, so it may depend on how widespread the infestation is. Your property and deposit should be fine, but I feel like the landlord should provide a place for you and your stuff until the repairs are finished. YMMV.