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If you're a fan, check if any of the old Kevin Smith Q&A specials are still available for streaming, like "An Evening with Kevin Smith" or "Too Fat for 40." Plenty of laughs and good story telling without a real need for the visual.


I guess I'm just old school, but when I had to drive from northern Florida to southern New Jersey, I survived on books-on-tape. (Yes, tape. Really.) Is it possible to stream them? I wouldn't think so, but one never knows what's out there, especially if one is still really old school.

If not, maybe it would be easier just to rent the books-on-CD and avoid all temptation to watch while listening? The only real hazard is getting so caught up in the story that you manage to miss an exit. Or so I've been told. I would never have that problem. Nope.


@djp519: I imagine Kevin Smith movies are also good to just listen to. There's a lot of fast-paced dialogue.


Audible is a book-on-tape service you can use. "Read" Game of Thrones for the upteenth time when going from TX to VA. Totally worth it, except for the 24 CDs I was changing out, but your phone won't have that same limitation.

Don't give a cop a reason to pull you over for a TV in view of the driver, it's against the law in lots of places. Start a good book series instead.


Any of the standup comedian specials are good choices or checkl out audiables 99C books of the week. Usually they are public domain books but still good


First, don;t miss the "Smartest Man In The World" Podcast by Greg Proops. Hours upon hours of entertainment. As for Netflix, I'd search for Stand Up Comedy you may enjoy (Try Bill Hicks!). I would also try out documentaries, such as Ken Burns' Baseball.


There are also lots of old radio shows online. I'm a fan of Burns & Allen and Suspense! myself. It's kind of like listening to the TV from another room, and it doesn't require as much attention as an audiobook might.


Tried this with Top Gear once on a whim. I found it was ok. It helps that I stuck to shows that I had already seen, so I could just imagine what was happening during the parts with less dialog.


For good dialogue-heavy TV shows/movies, I recommend:
-My Dinner With Andre (Hulu)—a film comprised (no joke) almost entirely of a conversation over dinner. It's philosophical, thought-provoking, and oddly riveting.
-The Booth at the End (Hulu)—a sci-fi/supernatural series of 2-minute mini-episodes, again, comprised entirely of conversations at a diner. The "Man" at the Booth, Xander Berkeley, is an incredible actor. I listened to it front to back while working, and it was great.

As @Slydon recommended, some old-time radio shows are also great (and often free). Orson Welles' War of the Worlds (yes, the one that caused mass hysteria) is a phenomenal listen; Amazon mp3 has a massive collection of Welles' radio work for like $5.

Expand your podcasting too with these must-hears:
-Radiolab (pop-science/documentary; amazing)
-Harmontown (Community-creator Dan Harmon's freewheeling, hilarious live tapings)
-Backstory (the This American Life of American history, and it's amazing)


I survived a much shorter but mind- and butt-numbing trip recently just by listening to my comedy channel on Pandora. Just a few minutes of each comic at a time, so I didn't have time to get bored and sleepy.

Years ago I listened to a Whitley Strieber book on (yes) tape during a series of 2.5 hour trips. I think it was "Communion." Still makes my skin crawl to think of it. Horror can definitely keep you awake (even when you don't want to be!)

I know my local libraries have some books on CD. I haven't checked to see what they have, but you might check there. Also, some Kindle books have an audio option.


@magic cave: I always figure if the library kept the tape version, it must be a good book on tape. I still have a tape deck in the car.


I always keep some podcasts stored on my iPod just for occasions like that. Some of them are stand-up routines from some of my favorite comics (YouTube is full of these), some are radio programs (The Thinking Atheist, Bigshooterist etc.) and others are just iTunes podcasts (Marc Maron and others). Audiobooks are also good - being a major foodie my fave of all time was Anthony Bourdain's 'Kitchen Confidential' read by the author.


I'm a big fan of 1) standup comedy which I use the free AccuRadio to listen to on my iPhone (Android available), and it allows unlimited skips so if a bit comes on that I don't like, I just hit my car's fast forward button and it jumps to the next comedy bit. 2) podcasts, which are extra good when travelling in foreign countries where I can't just stream data for free. A few I love are NPRs This American Life, and CBCs WireTap & Under The Influence podcasts. I also listen to Tiesto's Club Life podcast, though that is music, not spoken word. 3) streaming radio from far far away - I like to stream Australian, Irish, French, South African, Caribbean, or British news and talk radio stations to a) get different perspectives of what's going on in other parts of the planet, to b) hear stories that just don't make it over here and to c) listen to neat accents and try to imitate them (endless hours of road-trip entertainment!!).
Tip: Use a proper phone-car integration kit...
Bon voyage!


OK so, I reckoned yous guys would like an update on my trip and how much Netflix kept me entertained on those long and lonely highways and byways.

So I took all of the suggestions (thank you greatly) and thought about it. I decided that I'd start with stand-up comedy. Lots of variety, no need to see it to get the joke most of the time, they can be an hour+ long so won't need to give it too much attention like if I was listening to 30-minute episodes of something.

So, I loaded up my queue with a lot of standups - Richard Pryor, Steven Wright, Lewis Black, Eddie Griffin, George Carlin, Kevin Smith, Louis C.K, Wanda Sykes, Kevin Hart - all the greats and not-so-greats were there.

I got into the car and figured I'd fire this Netflix stuff up when I hit my first long stretch of highway-but I got the Netflix app up and running to be ahead of the game.

The time came and I made my first selection Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (I know, not standup) but wanted to whet my palate.



I've heard of this Dr. Horrible thing and never had a chunk of time to give it a try. It starts playing. It's working. This is great! Now all I have to do it switch back to my GPS (with the voice turned off) & just let the hilarity wash over me.

The music plays, I think there was some thunder and lightning. I switch over to my GPS - and the audio stops. I switch back to see what's wrong. It's still there. I'm on the right page. Hmmmm. So I hit play again. It picks up where it left off. I switch back to the GPS - and the audio stops.

It appears that the Netflix is a very jealous app that only plays nice when it has your full attention.

So back to my Sirius satellite radio & my usual podcasts. It was a bit of a disappointment but I had plenty of good stuff to keep me company. I'll probably look into some of the other podcasts your guys suggested though.

Either way thanks for the input. You guys are awesome.