questionshow long does it typically take woot to cancel an…


Check your in box, you will get an email saying you emailed woot. About a day later you will get the conformation... (normal wooting, not sure on woot off time.)


@caffeine_dude: Thanks... I'll be on the lookout for the email.


It depends.

Right now, it's a Woot Off. You may not see an official cancellation until tomorrow. If this were a Friday evening, I'd tell you that you might not see anything until Monday morning (although they are still quite efficient, and often respond earlier). You might see something within a few hours, depending on other things.

It's all the same mail system, and it all gets routed to about the same place, where it gets sorted out, and sent off to the still very efficient and helpful folks at the other end of the service at woot email.

Since it is the first day of an announced two-day woot off, and they've already had at least one server outage, it might be a longer delay than normal.

You know, like many many others, there's plenty about the new system that I don't care for, but I appreciate that the folks off in service are still the same class act they've always been.


Another question... On the order page, should it show it a cancellation request is pending? I haven't received a "thanks for contacting woot..." email.


@jsoko: I'd say the same rules apply that @shrdlu detailed. What did you accidentally buy?


@okham: The iPhone battery case thing. I was looking at the shipping options then made the boo-boo.


I'm not seeing notification emails, even where I expect that I should. Please don't bother responding to The Flounder (I have notifications set to off for this account). If you have a comment, reply to @shrdlu instead, since it will find its way to me. Eventually.

I just checked on a couple of this where I hadn't been recently active on the question (a thing that will keep the notification from being sent), and have yet to see emails for those comments.

Something seems a bit "fishy" here. ;-}


Time's up. No email from The Flounder (or from any of the other comments I've seen my name mentioned in). I sent an out of band email off. Perhaps that will help.


I got the "contacting Woot" email and my order has been cancelled... Thanks Woot customer service!


@jsoko: Check your PMs...and thanks.