questionsshould you down vote expired deals?


i opt for tattling. voting them down seems a bit harsh since it's not the poster's fault the deal expired.


A lot of my voting goes into whether or not the item is truly a deal. I could care less if its something I'm interested in, other people may find it to be a fantastic find. Normally I will just tattle on the item and not downvote it. In many instances I'll still up-vote the deal because it WAS a good find and a lot of the time those deals can come back. If your tattle is legit the mods will remove it so it doesn't really matter if its up voted or not. In my opinion.


@carl669: gotta agree. I tattle and add a comment to the listing so others are aware.


Nah. I just leave the voting alone and tattle. Something should be downvoted if you feel it's a bad deal. If it's a good deal that's expired, that's a completely different matter.


Yes. If it is expired it is not a deal and has no place on any of the pages.


i wish i could upvote this to the top!

down voting expired deals is not the posters fault (in fact it makes me not want to share deals I find). I love how I could post a deal saying here is a free $100 bill, no catches no gimmicks, and still get down votes by a few lame people.

thats why there is the tattle button!


@epixinc: That is pretty funny heh.. I posted a a free breast cancer donation and even that got a few stray assholes to downvote.

I wish voting was a little more transparent - especially comment voting.


I agree with the top commentor because I refer back to my old deals to see how I did afterward and that might effect the results. However tattling is a good way to deal with that.


@drchops: I think a lot of people are getting burned out on the Breast Cancer "awareness" stuff. It's a good cause. My MIL died of it (before I knew my wife). I have nothing against the cause.

But there are a LOT of companies out there that capitalize on it. There were a lot of items here on DW like "pink shirts for Breast Cancer" that didn't indicate that any of the proceeds went to the cause. Also, there are a ton of other, equally-worthy causes out there and more than a few people are starting to wonder if this cause is starting to abuse its spotlight.

That said, if your deal was actually "donate to the cause at no cost to you", then I can't imagine why it was voted down.


i don't. i remember upvoting on a deal yesterday then clicking in to find one of the few comments said it was expired already. when i visited the site, it was expired like they said. but i'd already upvoted before seeing it was expired.
sometimes i'll take my upvote away and leave it with no vote just cuz the deal is a dead cause so i write it off. but yesterday, i really liked the movie and the deal was great while it was live, so i left the upvote.
i saw the deal hours later and it had even more upvotes. so that was odd to me, but whatevs