questionscan you help me pick an air mattress?


We have tried several for camping and eventually they all developed leaks. I would recommend getting the heaviest weight of PVC available, and keep a pump & repair kit w/the mattress. My mom had an AeroBed for company and it seemed pretty solid but we never took it camping. Another feature to look for is welded construction w/overlapped seams. This is the same type of construction used for professional grade river-running rafts.


After having many blow up vinyl air mattresses, several ~$40 one closer to $100 and having them all leak after a few years(using them for a week or so out of the year) I finally broke down and purchased a decent non-vinyl self inflating air mattress. Cabelas sells their brand self inflators and I purchased the largest thickest one they sold(I think 3" and about queen size, double size for a regular mattress). I've had it for 10?? years and still going strong. The only downside is it's heavy, bulky and hard to roll up, the plus side is it's very comfortable(no rolling around) and very very durable(NO leaks!!). Wish I had bought this in the first place, eventhough it probably cost close to $200 I spent over that on blow up air mattresses that all got tossed in the trash(after a very uncomfortable night on the ground when they leaked).


My sister and her husband used an Aerobed for nearly five months while they "camped out" in a next-door neighbor's home (vacant, so they rented it) while their own home was being repaired after a fire. They both have bad backs but had no substantial complaints about the comfort level of the mattress and it withstood daily (er, nightly?) usage.


What are you using it for?

I had one from Walmart that we took camping with us for about 4 years. We still have it, and it still holds air, but haven't used it in a year or so (have rv now). If I had to buy one now, I would go with a double cot like this or this for camping.


I bought this one in Jan. this year :

It cost $160. but comes with a 2 year warranty !

I use it every night and have had no problems.


Why do I feel this question is just shilling for a side-sale?

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I agree that it depends on how you will use the air mattress.
As far as "big, use at home" air mattresses, an Aerobed is the best I've ever slept on (and I've slept on a bunch). I prefer a firm mattress and I'm able to get an Aerobed just like I like it. I have had some problems with it sagging a bit during the night, but that's due to changes in temperature and it's easy to add a bit of air with the attached electric pump.

For true camping mattresses/have to transport them somewhere, I have a Thermarest self inflating pad that I love. It's too bulky for backpacking, but small and light enough for car camping, mission trips, etc. I used to do youth ministry with my church and I always took it when we went on retreats. I'd rather sleep on my Thermarest than any camp bunk mattress. There are probably other, less expensive self inflating pads (Thermarest is kinda the Cadillac of camping pads).


I have owned several various air mattresses over the years and would definitely not recommend any of them to anyone. I am of no use whatsoever, but I typed this anyway. How bored am I this afternoon? lol


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I have an air mattress and it is stored inflated because of how long it took to inflate and how stupid I felt trying to get it to inflate.

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