questionsis security issue an appropriate comment?


Security issues are a great comments! I would love to have the information that a product I was thinking of buying was compromised, so I would not buy it and keep me and my data safe.


I'm sure there are other questions on AtW like this, but I can't think of any right now. Maybe once the crabby gun wielder gets her coffee she can help. :p

[edit] I know she will also have some very conversational (and important) input regarding this issue.


Security issues are great comments, but you need to back them up also and not present as just your opinion. Post links to sites that confirm your comments or be prepared to state your expertise. I see your black triangle, and know that you are a regular contributor, but if you present a security issue as third party hearsay, it leaves something to be desired.


@sand4me: Agreed. There's a huge difference between stating "there's a security hole in product X" and "CERN has issued a warning about feature Y in product X; here's the link to learn more."

Ultimately, there is more to a good deal than a cheap price. A shoddy product is seldom a good value!


I agree with all commentors before me. I would like to know before a purchase if something is wrong with a product be it a security issue or shoddy workmanship or usability. But it does need to be backed up, even if it is from your personal experience that you formulated your opinion.


I thought it was smart to point that out. It won't stop the teens from buying the software, but it might stop the unsuspecting adults if they know before they purchase that there is a problem. I kind of suspect that is the idea behind why we can comment about deals. Your comment is an educated, well thought out warning about something that should be told to folks, sort of like letting folks know that a retailer might be sketchy. I was still trying to figure out what the software did.


@lordwoot: "...once the crabby gun wielder gets her coffee..."


I haven't even finished reading the comments to everything, but this is the second good laugh I've had this morning.

[Edit] I'll be back in a bit to post further commentary on this (you knew I would).


@gmartell: As promised, I'm back with some commentary.

If you see something posted where you know there's an issue, you have an obligation to say so (IMNSHO), but you should always post the backup information that says why it's bad, and how you know. Sometimes a site is just obviously an MLM, and a one line description of why you think it is, is plenty. Other times you know about some vulnerability associated with a product (the Energizer download that had a trojan springs to mind), and posting backup information is necessary.

You may also suspect that something's wrong with a site. Post a question over on Fresh, and say what you've found. Please note, this is neither commentary on anyone's knowledge, nor lack of same. Multiple brains wrapped around a problem are good in those cases, and maybe it's something that needs addressing, quickly. You can also hit the tattle button if something seems extra bad. I'm sure there's escalation on the other side.


Great comments, and I like the idea of providing references. No need to do it in this instance as other have already done so on the item(s) mentioned. My concern is that not everyone knows that items that can protect you, can also be used sometimes against you. Prevention is much easier than trying to correct a situation. Thanks again for the helpful comments.