questionsshould you limit your questions and / or deals to…


My God man, this is America! I would hope not!


Just remember: quality over quantity. As long as the deals/questions aren't bad, post as many of them as you want and, in my book, you'll be fine.


One per day. No more, no less.

Just kidding. I second the quality over quantity.


Gack! We're back on rep again?

Near as I can figure, it appears to work like this...

Anything you do is divided by some factor involving the number of times you do that thing. Thus, the more times you do that thing, the less benefit you get each time you do it. (The denominator of the fraction gets larger, thus the value of the fraction is smaller).

Post one deal and you get whatever credit that deal generates (based on its relative popularity) divided by one.

Post two deals and you get the credit for posting those deals, divided by two. Three deals get divided by three.

The numerator (top) of the fraction goes up (or down) based on the popularity of the deals/questions, but unless you're very good at posting popular deals or questions, more deals probably means significantly less credit for each one.


I think @baqui63 has it right; more isn't always better. But, hey, it's still a free country. Do as you please...just please don't harm any innocent people or animals while doing so. :)


There's seldom a need to post more than one question in a row, in my humble opinion. If you think of two - space them out a few days, you'll make people happier and probably do your rep a favor.

For deals, I agree- quality deals in any quantity is fine.


@baqui63 said: "Gack! We're back on rep again?"

I've re-read what I posted several times and I didn't see where I asked anything about reputation or credit. I was asking a question simply to find out how people feel.

Why are you reading something into my question that isn't there? Why don't you just take it at face value?



First, I apologize as it appears my presumption was incorrect and somehow offensive, though looking over the other responses above, it would appear that I'm not the only one who felt your question was about rep (I'll grant you that some of the others may have had the idea planted by my comment). Regardless of your feelings on the matter, I still feel that my response was not inappropriate given the answers before mine.

I do have two questions for you:

Why do you appear to feel that a question about rep is somehow a bad thing?

Why does it matter to you what I think?

Finally, note that the comment you quoted was actually meant as a joke.


@baqui63said: "First, I apologize as it appears my presumption was incorrect..."

Your apology is accepted. I didn't feel the other answers had to do with rep since they never mentioned it.

@baqui63said: "Finally, note that the comment you quoted was actually meant as a joke."

It didn't seem to be a joke. I know sometimes it's hard to know when someone is joking or being sarcastic & it seems this was one of those times. The rest of your answer did make sense but the way you began it was what bothered me.

@baqui63said: "Why do you appear to feel that a question about rep is somehow a bad thing? Why does it matter to you what I think?"

I asked what I felt was a question about not being selfish. I wanted to know if asking too many questions & putting up too many deals in a short period is perceived to be selfish. You mentioning rep made it seem as if I was worried about my rep more so than being fair to the others here, which to me would be selfish.



I hope that what follows does not irk you; please view this only as an explanation of my feelings on this & not an attempt to retract my apology in any way. I honestly remain sorry that I annoyed you.

I see rep differently.

While I don't know how rep is calculated, it is clear that rep is primarily based on how others react to what an individual does. When a person does good things in the eyes of the rest of the community, that person's rep generally goes up and vice-versa.

I believe most of us would agree that being selfish is (usually) a bad thing & thus selfish activities are likely to be downvoted (or at least not upvoted), while non selfish things are upvoted.

So, if the above are true (and I believe they are), then rep is effectively a measure of non-selfishness, at least in part.

Of course, none of this speaks to motive: If I'm not being selfish in order to gain rep, does that actually make me selfish? I don't feel that this matters, as rep has no real value.


@baqui63: No, what you said does not bother me, & I do understand what you've explained. But I'm not sure if I explained myself well enough for you to understand.

Other than you, I don't think anyone else, in their replies to me mentioned rep. When I asked my question it had nothing to do with anyone's rep. I didn't even think about it having anything to do with a rep. I was simply looking at it from a viewpoint of, if someone who has the time to scour the internet and post a lot of deals, would be considered selfish because that takes away from others who don't have the time to do that much searching. I guess what I'm trying to say is it selfish for one person to post a lot of deals, possibly keeping others from being able to post them, or should it be looked at being alright because if "you" don't post them they might not get posted at all?

Maybe asking about the questions doesn't fit in with what I've said about the deals but I see that as maybe monopolizing the questions area.


@jnissel: whether you realize it or not everyone that answered took your question as a rep related question. rereading it myself i see it as a rep related question. i have seen (and believe) you when you said it wasn't meant to be rep related.

if you have time to scour the net and hunt the deal please post them. we all appreciate anyone who has time to do so. but also please remember to take time to expire your old deals too.