questionslooking for the cheapest laptop with largest…


You ask the wrong question.

You specify two vague, elastic constraints:
-- lowest cost
-- biggest screen
It makes the search too subjective.

It is easier to find the best laptop for under $xxx dollars.
Or the lowest price laptop with a screen larger than Y.

But in any case, I advise you "Don't do it!"
Large screen laptops are a royal pain.
* Big screens use more power,
* they cost more,
* they are heavier,
* they are awkward to handle/move,
* they break more easily.

Be happy with something in a 14" screen, then take the money that you save and buy an inexpensive, BIG, desktop monitor. We have seen 20" screens and larger for $99 or less.

When you are home, plug up the big screen and enjoy the dual screen real-estate. When away from home you have a convenient, easier to use portable.

I say this from experience.