questionswhat would be a good christmas gift for a new dad…


Sleep. Ear plugs. A white noise machine or app if they own a smartphone or tablet. Caffeine. The first four months of my son's life are a blur of sleep shifts and energy drinks.


Congratulations on your new baby!

I would get him something that he can't enjoy with Daddy now, but will later.

If your husband loves Star Wars, I'd buy some Star Wars books (they have some really cute ones for toddlers) and maybe a rain check to watch the movies when he gets older.

If he loves baseball, get him Daddy/son baseball gloves.

Include a note. Something like "Daddy, I'm so excited to have a Dad like you. I can't wait to [insert gift reference here] when I'm older." Include adorable photo of baby and gift.


A serious answer: A nice framed photo of the baby for daddy's desk at work (babies are so conceited).


@mnemosynescall: first off, congrats! my wife and I also had our first child this past October (see here).

for a gift, how about a couple 'get out of jail free' vouchers? dad can use these vouchers to get a few hours (say 4, or maybe even an entire day) to himself to do whatever he wants while you look after your son. maybe the baby could give each of you a couple of these vouchers. everyone needs a little time to themselves.


I like the framed photo idea for a serious answer. On the other side...

A pack of diapers. Bonus points if you stall the unwrapping until the baby has worked up a nice smelling bonus present to go along with it.

**Editor's Note: I have a 4.5 month old. No "to daddy" present here because I suppose we're just not those kind of people. Now I'm thinking of doing the diaper thing though, because we both appreciate such humor.


To elaborate on the framed photo idea, how about a digital photo album, preloaded with photos of the baby, baby with dad, happy family, etc. If you are creative you could intersperse some cute comment pages between photos. (If I were feeling a bit more creative myself, I would suggest some but all I can think of right now is "Day of Arrival" with weight and length details, variations on "I love my Dad," and "The best is yet to com."

Anyway, I'm envisioning a moving scrapbook that can be updated through the years.

(Hmmm. Our "babies" are 27 and 23. I wonder if it's too late for me to do this,)


Maybe a nice bottle of something that will age well and a rain check to share it in 2033


A nice framed photo of baby and mom together. My husband liked having that on his office desk.


@belyndag: I like the idea of a digital frame and you can keep on adding though out the years.

I know it sounds cheesy but he already got the best gift one could ask for "a baby"

As a father myself its a gift that keep on giving. Congrats to you both and enjoy every moment, they grow up quick.


Coffee mug with the baby's face on it. That or a tranquilizer. Heck, both will work I guess.


"World's Greatest Dad" t-shirt.


I wholeheartedly agree with buy something that will last, especially something like a set of tools that maybe passed along to your son. Otherwise, perhaps something dad can carry with him like an engraved, quality watch, pen or pocketknife. Anything that can raises memory of his son.


There was some nice (but questionable) watches over on Woot Plus, but I think they are sold out by now.