questionswho else hates the boc game (crapshoot) ?


Has anybody actually won it this time? I can't get past level 4, and haven't seen anything saying what level has to be reached to win.


I gave up on them after the April Fools one. After wasting 2 some odd hours only to keep getting blocked.

Have fun.


Since this was an April Fools game, woot made it impossible to get past level 4. I believe that the people were chosen at random to receive a BOC (me included) when they died.


The only time I tried it was for the April Fools crap. I stink at video games, so I recruited my son. He got to level 10, which was beyond the level required to get the crap at that time but we still didn't get it. It just went to the play again screen.

It was an exercise in frustration. :/