questionsdo you have a dining room? would you if you could?


We use ours and there's just 2 of us. We've found that hosting small game nights or parties happens more because of it. Also, I got the art on the wall, the rug to tie it together, and walking through that room makes me feel happy for some reason.


Make it into a dining room.

I have a very small house. The Spouse and I have a dining room, but the table is covered with stacks of his books and piles of our clutter. He likes to read during meals, while I like to sit on the couch and watch TV.

So why am I pulling a "do as I say, not as I do" thing with you? The clutter in the dining room means that even on the occasions we want to invite friends for dinner, we can't. We end up meeting my son and DIL at a restaurant or at their home, since I can't really invite them here. I'm working on getting this problem fixed, but in the meanwhile it's really stifled what little social activity we could and would enjoy.

So I'm with @thumperchick all the way. Make yourself a dining room. Make it look pretty and inviting. You'll probably be surprised at the result, and you'll be able to entertain on the occasions you'd like to do so.


I have an eat in kitchen and a formal dining room. We used to entertain a lot, but since my husband was sick (2008) we don't. I turned the formal dining room into a media room. I put the formal table, china hutch and liquor cabinet/bar in my living room when I moved the TV and all that stuff. Now my living room has a seating area (10 people) around the fireplace and a half wall to separate that from the informal dining area with dry bar.

If you don't entertain, use the dining room for whatever suits your hobbies or needs.


I live alone. I almost never entertain. I have a dining room, and like having one.

I use it to have breakfast at, and dinner, but seldom lunch. It has a beautiful view, year round, and it's very pleasant to sit down to dinner on summer evenings, and look over the garden, in the gathering dusk.


I have a dining room in my apartment. One side of the table holds a monitor I use when I work from home (plug my laptop in for the second screen), plus a bunch of misc junk mail, but the other half is open for me to eat at. It's nice to have, even though I rarely have company for a meal.


The "nice to have" and "makes me feel happy" part are big factors pushing me towards putting a dining room together. Perhaps I need to think of it as more than a "dining" room and an area where I can work on the laptop, sit back and read, or simply put out a nice flower arrangement. And maybe it would make us more social.

Otherwise, I think this room would probably just be a storage area and what's the fun in that?


We have one in the house we're currently living in. It's nice to get out of the kitchen and eat away from the cooking clutter after I'm done making dinner. Our last house before this had a dining room attached to the kitchen and I appreciate this one a lot more.


Added dining room/area away from TV benefit: you realize what you're eating better and tend to eat healthier & less. Thank you $100 Ikea 2-person dining table!


the wife and i sound similar to you and your hubby. we rarely entertain and most of our meals are eaten on the coffee table in front of the TV. We have a dining table and chairs and china cabinet etc... but the room really only gets used as an office the days i work at home, and often times get used for temporary storage. to be honest, i'd like to turn it into a gym but since its in the middle of our fist floor, it would be out of place.

personally, i'd like to use the space for something else, but due to its location our options are limited.


We have a formal dining room with seating for 8, complete with china cabinet, and buffet table, used it twice in 4 years....

If it had doors and I had my way it would be an office or media room.


We bought a house 6 years ago with a dining room and have only used it as a dining room about 6 times...we do use it as a buffet room on holidays, but haven't used it like we thought we would.


Sounds like it'll be wasted space. Or you can force yourself to use it but then, you'll be force to talk to each other during all those meals (or blankly stare at each other chewing away) and have people over.


We had a small dining room for 40 years. Worked okay when it was us and two kids. Then the kids got married. Still okay for six people. Then the kids had kids. Got pretty tight and I had to get creative with an extra table. Then the kids started having SOs. No way. So we put on an addition so that we can feed my whole family and I love it. In addition, I can have the extended family for a sit-down dinner. Easter, I had 31 people. It's my turn for New Year's and I'm betting on more than that.


Yes - we call it the room with the big table that we eat on about 5 times a year and the rest of the time is a big coloring table for the kids.

The worthless formal family room got axed and turned into a study.


We have a dinning room, which rarely gets used--perhaps only when a bunch of family and friends come over for lunch or dinner. We usually just eat at the breakfast bar or in the family room.


In our first home, when the kids were little, we turned the tiny dining room into a tiny office. I was excited when we moved into a larger home to get a larger dining room that we have set up as a REAL dining room. All of my china and crystal from my long-ago wedding showers is now readily available to use.

Of course, we never use that stuff.

We eat in the dining room a couple of times a year, but it isn't large enough to seat more than 8, and only 6 comfortably. Because of some additions the original owners made, the dining room is located between the kitchen and the bonus room/den/man cave so it gets more walk-through traffic than most such rooms. We struggle to keep it from becoming a catch-all room. We use it occasionally as a temporary study or a small meeting room.

Having said all of that, if you want a dining room, dagnab it, have a dining room! Fix it pretty, hang your art work, eat there when you can, and use it for a quiet reading or laptop spot at other times. Enjoy!


Dining rooms are great, and they are able to inspire you to entertain. One relative of mine has two dining rooms, after turning their daughter's open style den-bedroom into a dining room and leaving the original dining room for guests. Some people eat in their kitchens even if they have dining rooms. Better to have one than not, in my opinion.


I live alone in a tiny home and I have a dining room. I very rarely eat at it and it tends to accumulate purchases and half finished pieces of art during the week, but I clean it off and make it look nice for the weekends. While I entertain a lot, I have a game room with a table that seats 10 or more for that downstairs. I only use the dining table to entertain on Thanksgiving and Christmas and on occasion when I bring people home from the office for lunch. But my 100 year old split level house is shotgun style, you enter to the living room, warm mango and cinnamon leather furniture, and your eye line goes through the dining room in cool greens and greys with the glass and old gold colored dining set, then on into the bedroom painted in sunny yellows. Filling the dining area with more functional items would disrupt the flow of the house, which many of my guests call "charming" and "inviting".


My husband and I have a small house with a dining room. It gets used a couple times a year for eating in, and a few more times a year for board games/tabletop games/parties. If I had my way I would use the space for something else, like a bigger, eat-in kitchen, or a third bedroom. But its placement and cost keep that from being an option. We're trying to sell the house right now anyway, so I hope that whoever buys it wants a dining room.


Thanks for all the responses! It does seem that formal dining rooms are going the way of the dodo, but as some have mentioned, they are nice to look at. Our place has an open floorplan and the living room opens up into the dining room. It's something you'll see when walking in the front door and we do want it to look nice and inviting.

We are thinking about creating a little reading/eating nook with a small table with stools and or a bench or a comfy armchair. The rest of the room, we're going to get another TV and move the Wii here to use for games and exercise. We currently have a small piano against the wall in the room, so we're planning on mounting the TV above it and a bunch of other art/frames to create a gallery wall []. Going to get a wide, padded bench that can be tucked in as a piano bench or pulled out to use with the TV.

This still leaves a lot space in the room which we may create some sort of craft/work area. Lots of possibilities!


A folding gateleg table like this one might be just the ticket for a multi-purpose "dining" room, could be useful in many other future scenarios, and requires almost no space to store.