questionshas anyone here tried the p90x workout program?


Yes, before I got married. Lost almost 30lbs. The eating part is just as important as the working out.


Yes, it works.
But you have to dedicate yourself to it, you can't cheat.

and I suggest heavy use of the mute button because he gets extremely annoying very fast.


I have been doing power 90 for several months. Now that I have the videos memorized and can do them without watching, I am finding myself staying with it instead of moving up to the p90x (or even insanity) because that would require me to have to start watching new videos. There are exercises that I never thought of doing before (especially working back muscles) that have made handling my 18 month old a lot easier.

edit: I wouldn't even say that it only works if you keep up with it. With power 90, you are supposed to do it 6 days a week. I think I maybe did it 6 days one week. Most weeks it is between 2-4 times. With me working 60+ hours per week for the next two months, I just don't have the time. But, even 2 days a week is better than 0. I have lost maybe 25 pounds total but I know I have put on some muscle weight so I figure somewhat more fat was lost than my total weight loss.


It's an awesome work out program. I've never finished (I was working with a friend the first time who quit on me and I had to stop due to an unrelated injury)

I love it but my biggest problem is motivation. I either have to get up at 6 to do it, or do it after I get home...and I'm usually too tired to exercise when I get home.

Note, though, you'll need to buy A LOT of equipment. Most you can probably share, but depending on each of your strength levels, you'll need multiple sets of weights. I'd recommend two adjustable weight sets and one of the stronger resistance bands. You're both fit so a weaker band is a waste of money. A couple of adjustable weight sets will give you the benefit of lots of weights without breaking the bank with barbells being around a dollar a pound.

Other than that, you'll need a couple yoga mats and blocks, a pull up bar and so on. I personally dont think you need any of their products, like the recovery drink. [CONT]


I'm finishing up week 4 of P90X. If you want to look like the models, you do need to stick to a strict diet. However, if you just want to get healthier, be stronger and more flexible, and look better, then just the exercise routines will be enough for you. Adding in an hour and a half, every day, of exercise WILL change you!

I do like the program. There's a lot of variety, which makes this a lot more fun and fulfilling than just going to the gym and lifting weights. I'm still not able to keep up, but I can see a day where I will be able to. Then I might have to look for something a little more advanced.


You can get very similar products (nutritionally) for a lot less. Just like anything else, you're paying for the name.

But yeah. Just make sure you have all the equipment you need before starting and that you have enough space. When I worked out with the friend, one of us would have to go into the hallway for some exercises for the sake of room.

EDIT: I'd also look into Craigslist. I was messing around there a few weeks ago and someone was selling the entire collection (DVDs, books, etc) for like $90. Never know; you might get lucky.


My daughter is using a combo of p90x, insanity, brazillian butt blowout (???, that's what she calls it), and pilates. She has been a dancer since she was 3 (17 now), but by her choices is no longer in dance. She graduates this year and hopes to be on the Aggie Dance Team. The combo seems to really work for her. She works out only during the week, but it shows.

I tried the p90x back and chest and it about killed me, but the ab ripper was good. I mostly do pilates (morning), hike and bike. I can't stand the workout videos, makes you want to sit on the couch and eat ice cream while watching them sweat.


@drjing: They have a P90X2 program now that I think is the next step in the P90 programs if you would like to continue after P90X. I'm working through the P90 videos now. They're fairly old with cheesy graphics and music, but they were a good bit cheaper. I'm hoping to go through all of the P90 programs though that may just be wishful thinking.


Thank you everyone for the great answers. We will try the diet that they suggest as we used to eat healthy until my wife got pregnant. Since then, we've gone with whatever is quick and easy to eat. As you all know, frozen, processed foods are the worst for you. We already have the chinup bar and some weights from when I was training for MMA.


@thedogma: You are right. It doesn't have to cost a lot. For the pull up bar, use a metal closet rod availible at any hardware store, weights can be gotten just as easily. My daughter used her school books and liquid laundry detergent bottles for those. She is a math whiz, and has figures out which liquids for what weights. Chairs and ladders make excellent stepper things, so do phone books when you need low ones. Bands are pretty inexpensive and blankets make a good mat as long as they are on carpet.


I borrowed a friends set once. It does work, but you have to be dedicated. I got sick during that first month and never got back on the horse after I got well.

Pro tip: If you're out of shape, don't try to keep up with the Ab Ripper X workout the first time unless you don't want to be able to stand up straight for a few days.


1st off - this program (p90x) is not for slackers - you have to have discipline to thoroughly enjoy the benefits of the program. DIET is crucial! I've continue to use the Ab Ripper X on an every other day basis - the results are amazing!

My 1st foray in using P90X was fantastic; I went from 140 lbs (5' 9" 15% Body Fat - Male) to 155 lbs & 8.5% Body Fat after the 1st 90 days...I continue to deploy P90X in combination with running & bench pressing & smith machine lunges/squats to truly get into the best shape of my life at 36!

I continue to maintain a 160LB weight with 7.5% body fat and now I can run forever and am as limber as I use to be when I took Hap Ki Do as a youngster.

Truly worth the money if and only if you are dedicated and have the personal will & drive to continue to improve yourself and follow the program to a 'T'.

It's worth noting that you DON'T have to buy all their recommended supplements - purchase some Whey Protein & frozen fruit - blend it and you're good!


@bruceleeroy75: Thanks, your results are inspiring. I am 6'5" and weigh 225 right now. Before my son came around, I was in karate and mixed martial arts. My fighting weight was 205 so that I wouldn't have to fight against the heavyweights. I'd like to get down to 210-215 with added muscle of course. I don't want to lose too much weight. Unfortunately, they don't offer MMA classes where I live anymore, or I'd stick with that since I know it works. In the winter I play ice hockey and broomball, and in the summer I play in a couple of softball leagues, so I am not lazy by any means.


@glamontagne: Good on you brother...keep up the activites and vigor to be the best you can be...I'm a huge golfer and snowboarder and since P90X I hardly ache after a full day riding the slopes and with golfing; I've added 10-15 yards off the tee with my drives...The flexibilty and added strength are a key benefit one receives from this program...continue to KILL IT! Lastly; I continue to deploy P90x as I'm training hard for the tough mudder competition...Are you one tough mudder? :)


@bruceleeroy75: Yeah it's definitely not for the weak. I wasn't in terrible shape when I first started, but I wasn't exactly fit either. For the first couple weeks, I could barely keep up. A lot of exercises I couldn't do as long as the people in the video.

Keep in mind if you have any injuries. I've got three torn ligaments in one knee, to the point where stepping wrong can dislocate my knee/ tibia. So for things like Plyo and legs exercises, I take it very light. I do my best to keep my heartrate up, but I'm careful.

If you have any injuries at all, keep a very close eye.

That also reminds me of form. Do your best to mimic the form and listen to everything Tony says to see if the correction applies. One thing I didn't like was that he'll give different corrections for the same exercises over different DVDs. By week 5 you'll have seen pretty much every video, though, and will have heard all his pointers. If you're feeling it elsewhere or feeling it too much/ little, stop and watch.


@pyxientx: Yep! My total investment in materials was around 70, 80 bucks. I had a pull up bar, but decided that my 25s were too much for every exercise, so I picked up a band and a set of adjustable weights from Dick's. Not a terrible cost at all for the potential benefit if you use it all.

EDIT: also, my results. To preface, I've never finished the program. Injured myself at work at had to stop, and then never picked it back up with moving and grad school. In the 6 to 7 weeks I did it, I dropped 20 pounds and my strength and cardio capabilities went up beyond what I could have imagined. I went from having a small belly to having a slightly visible six pack.

If you stick with the program and have a good diet (note: their diet may not be appropriate for you; I did my own thing) you'll get the results you want.


@thedogma: I was thinking that the diet would be tough. I'm willing to try it and adjust it as needed. I don't want to feel weak when playing hockey from lack of calories.


I completed it a few years ago right before our first child was born. It got me into great shape! I've never been the athletic type, but I enjoyed outdoor activities. This program got me so that I could hike and bike like I did when I was in high school. It also gave me an upper body that I had never had before. I was starting to see my abs get toned and defined and my arms and neck were looking good. I was still fat, but I wasn't as fat. I dropped about 20 lbs of fat and gained about 10 lbs of muscle (according to my scale that measures body fat).

Unfortunately, I let my self go after my 3 kids came because of how much of my time was taken up with them. However, I've started this again at the beginning of this month (I bit the bullet and started waking up at 5:30). I feel much better even after 3 weeks of doing p90x.

This hits on muscle building (3 days) and some cardio (2 days) and stretch/balance (2 days). Insanity is all about cardio and some muscle building.

Bring it!


BTW, one of the keys to success for this program is to remember that you don't have to keep up with them. I was horribly out of shape when I started this the first time. I was doing about 50% of what they were doing on the videos. Near the end of phase 3 (near the 90 day mark), I was able to keep up with them. I even started doing the harder versions of some of the moves. You just need to "do your best and forget the rest". Push yourself until your form starts to turn south (Tony reminds you of this a lot!).


@bruceleeroy75 did you achieve those results in just the allotted 90 days or did it take you more than 1 round of p90x? And did you partake in any other workouts other than the p90x workouts in this time. Because I am approximately 155 and 13% body fat and wanted to know if i could reach those goals in those 90 days. And what phase did you use for your diet. Because i want to know the best way to get the results you have achieved