questionswhat is a comfortable wedding heel that can be…


I don't know you, but congratulations anyway!
You probably won't find that color in the wild right now, green goes thru phases of popularity, and right now mint is it. Usually what most people do, is buy dyeable shoes that fit the criteria. You probably have to go local B&M for this. If you are lucky enough to have a good shoe repair shop nearby, they could theoretically dye shoes purchased online, but I would ask first. Any bridal store will have dyeable shoes, but usually not of the comfortable variety.

If you are at all handy, you might consider using this stuff :

I would buy the hunter green and yellow to mix the right shade.


@pickypickypicky: Aww, thanks, that's very nice of you!!

Unfortunately I have also noticed what you said, that lighter/pastel green shades are definitely easier to find than darker ones! That'll teach me to get settled on a color scheme (and/or colored shoes) without considering the popularity of said colors, heh… But thank you for your comments!! I've seen dyeable shoes at bridal stores (usually not particularly comfortable ones) but hadn't considered finding them elsewhere - certainly more people than I have had the desire for actually comfortable shoes! :)


Do you live near a Nordstroms ? They have huge selection of shoes ( started out as shoes only store ) So they might have that color. They should also be able to advise you on comfort, what you want to look for, best brands, etc... Sometimes they even have good sales ! A good sales person will also work with you in your price range.
Good luck on your shoe hunt.

Congratulations on your impending marriage !


@ceagee: Agreed... I'm a huge fan of Nordstrom's for shoes. They have impeccable customer service.


@ceagee: Thanks for the suggestion (and the congratulations)! I haven't really shopped Nordstrom's before, but they do have one here, so I'll check it out!

@intensesupernova: Thanks for the input on Nordstrom's!


Check out their website too. I think they have free shipping and if there's one nearby, that makes returns all the much easier if they don't work or aren't comfortable.


As a last resort, have you considered using two pairs of shoes? The best looking (which by definition will always be somewhat uncomfortable, no matter what you do) for the ceremony itself, and a pair of glitzy and comfortable shoes (silver? gold? crystal-beaded sneakers? fuzzy bunny slippers?) for the party and dancing?

The sneakers I've seen online somewhere. The bunny slippers were worn by a net-friend to her reception; everyone there was pretty kicked back and a little pleasantly odd, and the slippers were a big hit.


amazon has free return on shoes if your purchase is through amazon (but they will show all sellers so shop carefully). I literally just bought some shoes on amazon for the first time earlier tonight; maybe we will both have some luck! I did a search for shoes, women, comfort, pumps, and narrowed to green, and under $150:!679448011%2Cn%3A5478067011%2Cn%3A679337011%2Cn%3A679416011%2Cp_n_size_two_browse-vebin%3A5391087011&rnid=679781011&low-price=&high-price=150&x=11&y=8

you can further narrow if you like. some of them look like they might be appropriate for a wedding, possibly in the color range you are looking for. also please note that SOME of their shoes are currently on sale, 20% off if you spend at least $100, using code SHOESNEW



Or you can find a new comfy pair of shoes, or take a pair you already have, dye them and then affix lots of Swarovski crystal hotfix rhinestones all over the shoe (get a small size) and DIY for some sparkly shoes in the color you want. It'll take a bit of time, but could be pretty cool.


Check Payless online. They have what are probably uncomfortable heels, but also have wedding flip flops for after.


Wow, thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone!!

@magic cave: Oh yeah, comfortable dancing shoes is a good idea! I suppose no one will really be looking at the color of my shoes by that point, heh!

@bdsmonkey: Thanks for the link and the code! Good luck with your first Amazon shoe purchase - I hope it was very successful!!!!

@intensesupernova: Ooooh, I could totally get behind the sparkly rhinestone idea!!! Thanks, I would never have thought of that!

@pooflady: Thanks for the input - they do seem to have some cute low sandals!

Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions; you've all been very helpful!! Please excuse my overuse of exclamation points, haha.

ETA: Sorry magic cave, I forget how to make the proper link for your name...


I'm throwing this into the mix:
Webpage looks like hell, but it will link you to several different online shops with perhaps exactly what you're looking for.

Good luck!


@cityonthesea: "ETA: Sorry magic cave, I forget how to make the proper link for your name..."

No need at all to apologize. Even I don't know how to make it work; I finally got smart and made a small file with hints like that one. I usually keep track of where I commented and recheck things that interested me. Believe me, if there were a way to change my user ID so it had a hyphen instead of a blank space, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Good luck with the shoe search!


@iggz: Dude, the lady said "forest or clover green." These are definitely ¡Ay Caramba! Lime. Eesh. You men just don't get colors.