questionswhen there is an accident on the side of the road…


For me it really depends on how fast I'm moving. If I'm going a decent speed as I drive past an accident, I'll just take a glance.

Most of the time I'll already be stuck in a long line of people driving slow. It's almost impossible not to look since I'm only going 5mph.


I don't slow down, but for two reasons:
1) Accident just happened and I may be able to help
2) Rubber-neckers in front of me are forcing me to slow


I try to help - if I can't - I get out of the way.


Depends on the situation. I will definitely slow down if I think there is any chance I could accidently hit someone or something...


Usually I end up making a statement "it better be worth it for all the traffic I am stuck in". Then in the 15-20 minutes it takes me to get to the accident I just get annoyed and say "is that really worth looking at" and don't bother looking unless there are a lot of emergency vehicles. I never can understand the stop and stare for a fender bender.


Unless I have a whole lane as a buffer, I slow down to make sure everything is safe, but I usually worry about keeping an eye on silly folks in traffic more than gawking.

The 5-0 in Austin have set up traps recently where they'll leave a car on the shoulder or rightmost lane, and have officers ready to ticket anyone who doesn't move over a lane or slow down.