questionshave you ever won anything by completing a…


No, but I did complain to a company once when I found a hair in a bag. They sent me free food!


Yes. I got $100 Visa gift card for doing a Sonic survey.


Nope. Gave up on that a while ago.


No. I don't do any survey's unless I get something. My time is important. A "chance at a $100 gift card!" to me means exactly squat.


Nope - other than guaranteed rewards (like free Route 44 drink for Sonic surveys).

One thing they don't tell you - let's use Applebee's as an example. They outsource their surveys to a company that handles satisfaction surveys for companies worldwide. Why does this matter? Well your odds of winning aren't 1 in {number of people who went to applebees that week}. You get one chance out of the total number of people who filled out surveys for all that company's clients.

You have a better chance of buying a winning lottery ticket.


Never on the so called contests. But Burger King will give you a free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich if you complete the survey on the back of their register receipt. I know Chik-Fil-A, Arby's, and Subway offer a similar deal for free Chicken, regular roast beast, and cookie respectively. That's the best I've done. If you read the details for the $5000 Lowe's and HD survey sweepstakes. The entry period is 3 months with one winner per quarter. With 4 winners per year from all entries, that like lottery odds...


No :( And sadly I do most of the ones I get.

It's always some ridiculous "WIN $5000" that ya wonder if anyone actually ever wins.


White Castle generally gives 1-2 free sliders for doing a survery and Panda Express does one a la carte item (i think). If those count, i win EVERY TIME! ;)


As a few others have said, I win every time :) I only call one the ones that give a free item when you answer a few customer service questions.
1. Culvers, use to be a fee sunday, then a free scoop of ice cream and lately it's been $1 off a value basket. I call on every receipt I get.
2. Arbys, currently it's a free turnover, has been a free shake.
I don't call on ones that are like a sweepstakes.


@omnichad: Plus one on the Route 44. I have 9 survey receipts on my desk right now waiting to be used. Often the carhop forgets to ask for the coupon, and I ended up using one receipt 6 times!