questionsis anyone else shaving for st. baldricks this…


A friend of mine (who had cancer as a child) does this every year. It's been in the back of my mind to want to do it since I heard about the program.


I shaved mine for a Baldness for Brotherhood type fundraiser back in January. A member of a neighboring fire department was diagnosed with cancer in late December & he had just started chemo when we shaved our heads in support. We collected donations to help pay for his treatments, as his insurance left quite a bit to still be paid for.

A group of about 10 from the department I'm in all shaved our heads in support ( and to collect donations ). There were probably 30 - 40 people that showed their support that day.


@thedogma: Move it up to the front of your mind ;). There are usually quite a few events. Just go to the website and find a local event, sign up, raise money, lose hair, help find a cure!


@zethreal: Sounds like a great group of people!


Not this year. Last year, I did. I usually shave my head anyways, so last year I had to prepare by not shaving my head for about 6 months to make shaving it worthwhile. I met my goal, which I then gave a bonus to those who donated... and I shaved my legs as well. Like I said, I usually shave my head, so figured shaving my legs was more of a sacrifice.

This year, I'm raising money for my local Big Brother's Big Sisters. Slow going, though... which is kind of a bummer. If anyone wants to donate to my effort, let me know :-) But, St. Baldrick's is a great organization to give to as well.


@unoriginal26: We try to stick together and show our support when we can.