questionsis this the future of woot-offs!?


Yes it is the future of woot offs, but don't act surprised because it's the past of woot offs as well. Soon there will be todd's dirt seasoning then a woot off monkey and it'll be all over.


One would think a big portion of the electronics would be pushed over to Tech.woot.

I'm not sure if my memories of absolute steals during woot offs of old are real or not, but lately a large portion of items don't have that WOW! pricing. Maybe an $800 coffee maker IS a some one else's universe. I live in a world of refurbed Dysons and discounted wine purchases. While I still keep tabs on what is being offered, my buying habits have tapered off considerably.


People have complained that there are not enough electronics. Now there are complaints of too many. Poor Woot!, there's just no way to please the Woot Whiners.


I just want to add that I am not being negative about the woot offs either.


Whats with the lack of writeups on the products? It seems most are only one or two lines.


I miss sansas. True, I still have three that are working and hardly need another. But they made great gifts. I am not one of those people who have a couple hundred woots under my belt, my woot purchases are fairly infrequent. But lately I have been a lot less tempted.


@moondrake: You pegged it. They made great inexpensive but quality electronics that I used for gifts for my nephews, nieces, and students... this used to be the place to get them, but sadly no longer....


@mkentosh: You know there's a Woot-Off on where we've had tools and coffee makers and mattresses and vacuums and all kinds of home goods, right? And there's a Woot-Off on where we've had golf equipment and camping gear and knives and flashlights. And there's a Woot-Off on where we've had toys and clothes and wet wipes and books. And wine and wine accessories on the Woot-Off.

What are you looking for during this Woot-Off?


@shawnmiller: My woot-off wish list for the day:
1. A good quality waterproof digital camera with flash that will take good stills in low light for $100 or less (we've been getting a bunch of those "action cams" on various deal sites but they don't take very good stills). Failing that, a Canon waterproof case to fit my G11 (not likely, too specific).
2. A reasonably powerful cordless drill (there have been cordless drills on deal sites but puny ones)
3. A rechargeable electric screwdriver
4. An RFID wallet
5. A yoga mat
6. A collection of gourmet finishing salts
7. Cool tea
8. An HDMI hub
9. BBQ grill and lawn furniture winter covers
10. Art supplies for grownups


@barnabee: I was thinking the exact same thing. Too much negativity in Deals.woot in the past couple months.


Honestly, the past Woot-offs were worse.. I remember most of the items were mostly overpriced junk (and so many Raozrs!)

So far, the rollouts of stuffs has a lot of variety.. but like half the Woot main page is like pretty expensive ones.


whine.woot seems to be growing in popularity


@moondrake: May I add some more Todd's Dirt Seasoning and some VERY inexpensive USB/battery operated speakers to your list?

@shawnmiller: it's not that the collective woot offs are bad, but the prices just don't seem as deeply discounted as they've been in the past. The Vinturi being offered today is a prime example. Perhaps it's the economy. I've noticed EVERY thing seems to be more expensive and less discounted every where I shop.


As @shawnmiller mentioned, there's lots going on at the other woot sites. I've picked up several things from home.woot already and have only spent about $20.00.

Now my fingers are crossed for some interesting food items on wine.woot!


@lavikinga: Sure. But they usually have them for about $5 at Big Lots, little bitty things that fold into themselves. I have one of those for traveling , it's currently appeasing a neurotic desktop. For home I bought some on Amazon for about $12 that I am very pleased with, great sound.


I want new woot lights! The yellow kind that spin quietly compared to the other variations.


@moondrake: Call me silly, but I WANT to give my money to woot rather than Best Buy.
Wish I knew which part of my comment deserved that down vote. The higher price offering for the Vinturi isn't an opinion, but fact.


@lavikinga: I upvoted your comment! I agree. Nothing wrong with what has been offered, but the prices aren't as mind-blowing as they used to be. Is it the economy? New management? Loss of @snapster? I have my security code for my credit card all ready to enter, but nothing has enticed me to part with my money yet, although there have been some interesting items.


@lavikinga: I haven't been in Best Buy in forever. We used to go in there so my friend could moon over the humungous TVs. You know, the kind you'd need to buy a bigger house for? They have them at Sams and Costco now so he visits them there. I try not to worry about downvotes. I have some pretty harmless comments get downvoted from time to time for no reason I can figure out. I just figure at some point I said something disagreeable to someone and they have decided to just downvote anything I have to say whenever they cross my path. Any negativity we have here in woot is certainly propagated by the anonymous downvote option.


When's the leak frog gonna show up?!


@moondrake: @belyndag: Ah jeez. Thanks for that. I wasn't angling for a vote but merely trying to figure out what I wrote that was interpreted as offensive to the spirit of woot/deals. I don't downvote, but I have no compunction about stating a problem I might have with a deal or comment.


Which woot-off are you referring to? Woot proper? There are too many to follow at once and get anything done at work. I need my job.


@shawnmiller: everything on one site, not 5 additional sites, under one site. call me old fashioned, but I like my woot-off's a little more suspenseful and controlled, not splattered all over the place.