questionshow do i find the moofi page?


You can type in "moofi" into the advanced search bar and it will display all of the current deals posted on moofi. Also unlike Woot! moofi is not limited to a single item a day, so there are multiple items on sale at any given time!


You don't find moofi, moofi finds you.


Or you could go with

which excludes the expired moofi deals.

Also, like @studerc states above, moofi deals last until they sell out; they are not like regular www.woot/wine.woot/kids.woot/home.woot/sellout.woot items that live for (at most) 24 hours.


Thanks for your help everyone. i guess I should have thought about using the advanced search. i knew the answer was right under my nose! Thanks again.


@baqui63: Your link is bigger than mine. I have a href envy. :(


Easy, go to and stand on your head!



It's only bigger because it does more "pre-processing" and thus produces less unnecessary output. Don't be jealous...

You know, you could make yours bigger with a URL Encoder. (I could too, but I've never felt the need to have a bigger URL.)