questionshave you bought anything through a "pay per bid…


Those sites are a scam. An iPad starts at $0.01 and ends up selling for $50. They collect, on average $0.20 for every bid. 4999 * $0.20 = $999.80

Also every bid adds time to the clock. You could bid 100 times and still not win, you are out $20 with nothing to show for it.


I've been on penny auctions sites like Quibids (if this is relevant to your questions) about a year ago. I won a Bose headphone, Bose Speaker System and a BlueAnt headset with a giant profit margin (meaning I paid less than it's worth). After that week to be honest I haven't won anything else after that.

Going for an iPad I can almost guarantee that you'll be spending at least $300 or more on trying to get one, unless you lucked out and nobody was bidding on it. But that rarely happens, people would toss 300+ bids on high demand items like an iPad.

If you really wanted to win from a penny auction site, I'd go for the little things like gift cards, kitchen goods and jewelry worth less than $100~200-ish.

Good luck! And be careful.

PS: Those "winners" on the commercials are paid actors.


Unless you can find a BBB accredited one I would stay away. But even then I wouldn't recommend it. They're in business because they're making money, and they can't make money if everyone who goes to that site is able to buy a brand new iPod for $20. As @jkaleda mentioned, you can end up spending hundreds and not even win an item. I consider it gambling, so if you're into gambling and are feeling lucky go for it. Just make sure you do it on a more "legit" site. It will at least make the possibility of bids being shilled a little bit less, but I'm sure most of them are already.


Listen to granny and jkaleda. Also note that most of these sites shut down after awhile and there have been complaints of people not getting the items they did manage to "win". They also have bots that automatically place bids for you at the last possible second so even if you do outbid a human someones bot will step in.
If you must try it, look around and you can find coupon codes for free bids for signing up. That way you can try it no risk.
My opinion is it is too good to be true and is more like a game of chance/gambling.


Just use logic. A business cannot sell at a loss and remain in business.


@jkaleda: So that's how they make money? Interesting.


For anything Apple you will not pay significantly less than retail. Everyone wants Apple products and the demand for them increases the prices.

Stay away from penny bid sites, it is too easy to get sunk in and eventually throw more than what you would be willing to pay. And if you don't win, you wasted a lot of money.


If you really want to feel good about a bargain, either wait for it to go on sale, or suck it up and try your chances on an Ebay purchase. Ebay has done well in reducing the number of mouth breathing imbeciles that would rob and cheat you by insuring your purchase. It's just a shame they still double charge their sellers via paypal.

My sister lost about 60 bucks on quibid and never used it again - at least on Ebay you aren't out of any money if you lose the auction.



I know that hipsters selling used iPads think the stuff is desirable and thus deserving of a markup. Non-hipsters don't seem willing to pay full retail for used 2.5 year old technology - the age of the oldest original iPads. I've been seeing the same iPads for sale on my local Craigslist, at the same high prices, for months - surely an indicator that people who want an iPad are not interested in paying hipster prices. When one is occasionally posted at a reasonable price it is of course snatched up instanter, possibly by somebody who plans to use it, likely by a vulture planning to flip it at a profit.

I do take everybody's point about the penny bid sites. I hadn't been giving any serious consideration to signing up for any of these sites, mostly thanks to my old granny, but it is good to have my general feeling about them confirmed.


If you manage to find a new penny bids site that is not well known yet and is giving away bids, you can get some really good stuff for really cheap. About 2 years ago, a site called Raging Bid started up (I think they are still around). Anyway, I found out about them right when they started and to drum up interest in their site, they were giving aways tons of free bids just for doing stupid stuff like posting pictures to thier Facebook page. I'm talking thousands of dollars worth of bids. Me, my gf, and my friend all participated in all of thier promotions and racked up tons of free bids. Between us we got a PS3 Move bundle for $20, an iPod touch for $15, four PS3 wireless controllers for $5, a $200 Jetblue gift card for free, hunderds of dollars of amazon gift cards for about $5-$10 per $100 gc, a kindle for $30, an iPod Nano for $10, a $150 ABC gift card for $3, and probably some other stuff that I cant remember, all brand new.


Eventually, more and more people found out about them, they started giving away less bids, and it became virtually impossible to win anything. I'm sure now it wouldn't even be worth it to try. So the moral of the story is, if you have to pay for the bids yourself, you are virtually guaranteed to lose money. If, however, you manage to get lucky and find a new site giving out free bids, 1. Tell me about it!, 2. Take advantage of the free bids and see if you can be one of the lucky few who don't lose money to them.


I definitely do not trust any of the penny-bid sites myself. As for the problem of unrealistic hipsters; might I suggest a refurbished model?
Direct from Apple:


Another refurb/used site is Secondipity:

Got my wife a refurb iPad from Cowboom, it was just fine. A word of caution - read the description of what you are buying carefully, as they will usually be missing one or two things (cables, manual, box, etc) Nothing bad, just be aware.

Heck, Cowboom even has $10 off $100 right now!


Listen to granny. I could make more money (NOT!) at my nearest casino 45 miles away.