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Not going to lie, its kinda a relief to not see deals with hundreds and hundreds of votes on the popular flow, reminiscent of a time long ago when top daily deals had 50 votes. I also don't see as much focus on reputation and all of that which, if you actually remembered me on the forums, was my hatred.


The woot sites are a place to buy stuff, usually at a pretty good price. The forums and AtC are places to have "conversations" with people.

Sometimes, I buy stuff I don't need and sometimes the stuff I don't need I don't even have a use for. Mostly though, I buy stuff because I need it or know I will use it.

Sometimes, the conversations annoy me, but usually they don't. On the deals side of things, I've made a few "online-friends" and feel comfortable most of the time. If I hung out on the other woot sites, I'd be writing the same about them.

Woot has changed a bit, a number of times. Some people bitch & moan about the changes. Most people are silent. Personally, I think the changes are either for the better or don't matter.


TL;DR: Woot is pretty much the same as it ever was. Whether this is good, bad or meh is a personal opinion and varies greatly among otherwise (mostly) sane, intelligent people.

(Apologies in advance to anyone offended by implying that you might be sane.)


The only two negative threads I found were these two:

And one of those was just a genuine question spurred from a little frustration with not being able to understand the system. No one got bent out of shape, and even though some things are frustratingly a mystery to many of us, we are far from being disgusted. :)

That other thread, about personal attacks, if its foundation is true, is not just whining prattle, and a serious matter. Whether it should have been dealt with on the forum or not, I won't say.

Anyway, I hope this maybe encouraged you a little bit :) And again, good to see ya!


@dmaz: First off, thank you for being so thorough! I was thrilled to see so many links. While yes, I do agree that there is no doubt still some spark and flair with Woot. Unfortunately looking all the way back to when Woot made the drastic changes, i.e. site design, woot plus people were still upset with changes. I can't help but feel that people just complain, then woot makes changes and then people complain about changes, a sad cycle. I'm glad to see that there is still a good group of wooters that are focused on keeping the Woot community strong and fun!


@studerc: I do know what you mean. I myself was skeptical of Woot Plus when it first came out, but tried to keep an open mind about it. I'm now a very big fan. When a community you like changes, you have to take the stuff you don't like, with the stuff you do, since the staff can't please everyone in the exact way they want. I agree that a lot of people can't get past that, though.


Also, don't forget that woot actually often encourages complaining. I could look up a few posts from staff members that I vaguely remember, but I think the woot-off theme song nearly sums it up nicely.
While it is annoying for the stable members of the community, who are tired of hearing the griping, moaning, and dissenting, we have to remember that some people are just doing what they've been programed to do by the overlords >:}



Don't know that you'll get a cake though. I think that one has been played out.

I can give you a virtual hug. (((studerc)))


Welcome back from your hiatus. Although woot! proper has changed, the DW site hasn't changed much....I personally think it has gotten better. Again, welcome back!


@thunderthighs: Aww thanks for the hug, it's just like coming home! Truth be told, the reason I let in the first place was feeling under appreciated. My tireless efforts to try to make changes to the rep system were essentially for nothing at the time, however looking back now I hardly see the emphasis on the system so that's pretty awesome. I also worked hard to find new ways to change the BOC system with @agingdragqueen and I was finally able to snag my first bag in 5 years, unfortunately when it was delivered it only contained a small woman's shirt and a foldable tripod. Then after talking with service Woot I received a second in the mall, once again I got just a small t-shirt and a recyclable bag...with extreme sadness and a bit of anger I simply decided to not file another claim and wait another 2 weeks for more disappointment. I've already made my first purchase (Mr. Root Beer) with a code I got on Facebook so hopefully things will turn around and I can start loving again!!


@studerc: we have employed Colonel Crap who has done a fine job of getting the BOCs back in tip-top shape. We're very happy with his changes around here.

I think hot topics come and go on all the sites. The one thing to note is that even though we may all want a certain change, we have a limited number of developers so those requests get put in the queue along with many other requests, updates, fixes, etc. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of time.

I'm glad you're back.


@thunderthighs: Perhaps you can inquire to Colonel Crap as to why I received 2 sub-par craps in a row, even after talking to service.woot about the mistake. Colonel Crap's first official go at running the BOC system just so happened to be the round in which this discrepancy happened. No hard feelings or anything, just would have liked to have my first BOC experience to be a bit less crappy ;) and a bit more B. O. Crappy :)

Love your faithful and loving wooter