questionsshould there be a "3 strikes and you're out" ruleā€¦



I just don't know, to be honest. Maybe my blood sugar is low or something, but right now I'm filled with more ennui than...ugh. Too much ennui to even finish the analogy. Woot is basically dead. I really only come here for deals.woot, and as you note, there's a LOT of flotsam to dig through to find something remotely resembling a deal. Finally find something, click on it, and it turns out to not be a deal after all. So on the one hand, I want to say yes. If a given individual insists on posting non-deals, or items nobody gives a rat's rear for, then yeah, show them their walking papers. On the other hand, why shouldn't deals.woot be filled with the same non-deal crap as the rest of woot? Why should it be any different? Just give Oriental Trading Company an account and let the cheap and yet overpriced crap flow. The closest thing to a deal ever posted these days is half-price pizza, and that just generates page after page of bitching.


@stile99: I think you've pretty well summed up my own conflicted feelings.


It's definitely an idea to use on those vendors who don't post actual deals, but just some item from their inventory at its usual catalog price. We have several who do this daily.


@stile99: As a side note, who is left to be the "enforcer" if there were such an unwritten rule?


Software sales over the internet are very shady to begin with so the seller doesn't want to draw attention by spamming. If someone only posts deals from one source then there is monetary gain involved and there should be consequences unless they can prove otherwise.


@robingraves: Dunno, I didn't propose the idea. But extrapolating from the original post, one would assume the community at large. Go X months posting crap deals, or a certain number of them, end up with a score of -2, the community seems to have spoken quite clearly.


@robingraves: There are currently a number of rules that the mods will and do enforce, even though the staffing level is down. I guess a tattle-based notice would do for alert purposes, but frankly I don't expect any of the mods to have the time to research merchants' past history.

I did it only because it struck me a while back that I saw lots of posts from the vendor but seldom any positive votes; I was bored this morning and decided to check it out. Having done so, I also realized there are probably half a dozen "unsupported" vendors, which led me to ponder the question I eventually got around to asking.

I suspect, though, that traffic on the site is down so sharply that we've reach a chicken-and-egg situation: regular users are shopping here less because the place has become increasingly vendor oriented and schlocky, while there are more vendors posting because it looks to them as if this is great place because there so many other vendors posting.


@magic cave: the place has become increasingly vendor oriented and schlocky, while there are more vendors posting because it looks to them as if this is great place because there so many other vendors posting.

EXACTLY. And a majority of the deals are the exact same crap found elsewhere.
I miss the days of the freebie deals (yeah, ok, most of us never got our freebie items, but we had hope) and really good clearance sales. I'm beginning to wonder if the economy is driving companies to keep less merchandise in stock, thus lowering the amount of left over seasonal goods they need to discount in order to stay in the black.


@lavikinga: I'm sure that's a large part of it. Walmart ran into a major problem by pushing too hard on their time line for not bringing goods into the store until the current supplies were almost depleted. They ended up with a lot of empty shelves and a whole lot of unhappy, complaining customers. Store profits dropped, managers got spanked, etc.

We all saw some of that during last year's pre-holiday sales, which started earlier and involved deeper price cuts. Merchants complained bitterly that customers expected deep cuts and weren't buying without them.

Also, I think the over-abundance of deal-a-day sites has attracted a crop of sellers with cheap merchandise, marginal ethics, and a drive to advertise wherever they can. The two problems seem to be creating an unintended but near perfect synergy.

I fear we've just about reached the critical-mass point where this site will be little more than one more free advertising venue.

Pity, that.


@magic cave: You scenario is scarily reminiscent of a retail version of the sub-prime mortgage bubble.

A self feeding monster that doesn't realize it's eating it's own tail at an ever increasing rate.


Woot has already proven they wil take money from anybody. Three strikes? Pffft..