questionsfacebook games: the mmo of our age? do you play…


And just to start it off, I'll answer my own question: yes, I've played some of them, although I find the Zynga-style hyper-social-spam types less fun than those with a slightly less social focus.

I only really play one now, and its more of a browser version of the settlers seris than a facebook-style game (it's not on facebook, but rather is its own website). And yes, this one definitely requires some daily maintenance to keep things up and running.


Bejeweled Blitz is the ONLY one I play, and even then, I don't actually play it ON Facebook, I play it on the iPhone. Does that even count?

My wife had me going in FrontierVille for a while, but thank christ I broke myself of that slog long before I was ever tempted to spend money on it.


Ogame is pretty good. Yes, I feel compelled to visit daily to keep things going.