questionsi set an account with a friend. she ordered a…


First, I wouldn't want my name plastered on the interwebs due to some one else's fault.
Second, did you/they order from Woot! because Deals.Woot doesn't sale anything. It just pimps everything in the universe to unfathomable dimensions.

If you/they ordered from Woot! then email
If you/they ordered from a site that you saw on Deals.Woot take it up with that site.


Reminds me of a funny story.

When the PS3 was first coming out, they were hard to find. There was someone selling the following on eBay:

*The Original Play Station, 3 of them *

She had the winning bid and expected to get her PS3. What she got was 3 original Play Station 1 machines.

So, my question is this. Did the person actually order a camera or did they order a case and thought they were ordering a camera? Does the OP have a link to the deal (I doubt it but feel compelled to ask)?


I'll bet a $5 woot coupon that OP doesn't respond.


@eraten: I don't know about that. User since 2007 and has made purchases. It's probably not a shill account.


@cengland0: The magic of reading closely.

To the OP, I'm going to echo and making sure that an actual camera was ordered and not just a case. Sometimes the picture can be misleading. Doesn't happen often, but they do usually say something like "Camera not included" in the picture. Still, that can be easy to miss.


The camera most likely shipped separately. Give it a couple days and if the camera doesn't arrive, email for assistance.


I bought a gold mine once but just got the shaft. ...